Veterans Day 2007

Or call a Soldier, a Sailor, a Marine, an Airman, a National Guard, or a Coast Guard.


Hootin'Anni said…
I'm sorry, I never saw your name in the 'wanna play' blog sign up.

So, I'll go add you right now!!!

So, so sorry.
Hootin'Anni said…
'kay, you've been added. Again, I truly apologize.
PEA said…
We will never forget our heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow! Remembrance Day for us here in Canada and Veterans Day for you in the USA...all for the same reason:-) xox
M@ said…
I believe it's Solders, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Guardsman and Reservists, and... Coast Guarders?
kailani said…
Yes, they are truly heroes!
Carla said…
Yep, a time to remember all those who gave their today so that we can have a tomorrow. Peace.
Little Miss Moi said…
Dear pamela. I never realised veterans day and rememberence day were the same thing (Armistace Day).
Thank you for making a comment about our men and women who have given so much for all of us. They are special.

Have missed you lately.
Robocop said…
Happy Belated Veterans Day!

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