"Reflections in Water"

You know I'm not a very tall person.  That is why this photo is not taken by me.... but by my husband.

I ran some errands on Tuesday  (all the while the drywall man was repairing the ceiling above my computer where the insulation man stepped off a beam.  That is another story for another day ..... I tell ya) and had just arrived home and grabbed the camera.

My husband drove in just minutes later and walked out to the patio where I was taking a reflection photo in my hummingbird feeder. The hummers are mostly gone by the first day of fall in our valley. Nonetheless, I always leave it up into October just in case one migrates through on a late breeze from places far north.  I've seen a few in years past and I feel  like a hummer hero when one rests and recoups in my garden.  

"You should run over to Division Street and shoot the duck pond," my husband suggested when he realized I was covering Fall Reflection in Water, day six in Faye's Two Weeks in Autumn. Once we arrived there I was glad that I had suggested he "run along" with me.  The plants were too tall for me to get the perfect shot.  I gave him the camera duty!

So, today I am posting two reflections.  One taken in THE sugar ... and one taken by MY sugar.

Everyone is welcome to reflect on fall and join us over at Summit Musings!


Faye said…
YOUR Sugar's photo was one that caused an "Ah-h-h" of delight when I scrolled to it. Perfect for today's subject. And your Sugar is a perfect example of keeping your eyes open for that perfect Kodak moment. I just love how different people interpret a meme topic whether it's a Fun Monday or Foto Fall.
Jan n Jer said…
That pond shot is gorgeous...your "Sugar" did a great job. Your other "Sugar" will be appreciated by a lone Hummer or two!
Steve Skinner said…
Love the reflection of the tree in the pond. It definitely does say fall.
karisma said…
Oh that is most beautiful! Love it! Like Faye, I think I uttered an ahhh of delight while scrolling through the reader.
Living Life said…
I love the reflection of the curved tree in the first photo. Your sugarman did a great job!
Intense Guy said…
What a beautiful shot!

Now you can paint the scene! (and hope neither drywall or insulation dudes fall on it.
Wendster said…
You hummer hero you.

I love the way you think.

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