"Fall Decorations"

Fall Decorations?  When Faye announced this category in the  Two Weeks in Autumn Photo challenge, I  cringed.  I don't have the decorating gene.

Then this afternoon I stopped at the neighborhood grocery to pick up something for dinner and  I remember that my very good friend Debbie does have that gene. Even better, she decorates in the floral and produce department where I shopped.

Aren't these pretty fall bouquets?  Sure glad I had my cell phone in my pocket!

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Sandy said…
Beautiful! When I first saw the title, I must confess all I could think of was that my decorations so far consist of dog hair in varying autumnal shades.

The flowers are much prettier.
Jan n Jer said…
Gorgeous...these flowers have fall written all over them!!!
grammy said…
I love to look at Safeway's decorations....
you did good (o:
Faye said…
Ah, lovely! Love these soft shades of autumn as a change from the blazing colors. Your friend does have the artist's genes. A bunch of these beauties would decorate for at least a week, I think. Boo to you! I'm off to get myself decorated for fall as well--haircut, color, maybe some new nail polish. :-)
Intense Guy said…

Someone is doing some flower watching too!

I need to take a picture of Otts Mountain... and of the Merry Mead pumpkin patch for you.
Very pretty bouquets..I am sure I would love that job:)
Gattina said…
We had fall in July and August and now we went back to summer the temperatures are in the 80th and I had to dig out my T-shirts again. I don't even think of fall decoration !

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