"Harvest Moon"

What do you do when you don't know how to use all those fancy dials and switches for night shots on your Canon?  And what do you do when the Moon Phase is a Waxing Crescent at 4% of Full and you aren't even sure it is going to show up between the clouds?  And what do you do when you don't have any celestial photos in your archives, and you don't have any heavenly decor hanging on your patio or deck?  What do you do when you have nothing to post for Day 7, Harvest Moon" on the Two Weeks in Autumn photo Challenge?

You panic because it's after dusk.  You race to take a photo of your bounty of acorn squash and the zucchini. You groan at the Leeks in the background and hope you find a home for most because you can't possibly cook and eat that much soup.  You sigh because you know you'll have to explain how the Zinnia starts got mixed up with the vegetable starts and that's why they bloom in gay profusion between the peppers and the squash.  You appreciate your husband because you noticed he removed the dead tomato plants that withered before they yielded any fruit.

And then you set your flash and snap a photo of him reaching for the perfect courgette and you know you've scored a "Harvest Moon."

Yes! Indeed.  That is what you do.

(You don't forget to link  Summit Musing where Faye hosts the photo meme.)


Faye said…
Well, at least it wasn't a FULL moon--or a plumber's moon. All those bells and whistles on your Canon. I know--still need to study my instruction manual and then maybe could take photos that would show off even the craters on the moon!

Tomorrow's challenge should be right up your alley--autumn fun!!
karisma said…
Love that picture.......you seem to have captured the moon famously.....hehe! And why do you have to make soup with the leek? You should totally make my awesome fattening pie!

Jan n Jer said…
LOL...your too funny Pamela!!! very creative post! Thanks for putting a big smile on my face this morning!
Gattina said…
Without the feet and trousers it could have been a full moon in the plants, lol !
Intense Guy said…

Youse is so silly.

Sandy said…
Thanks for the smile!!! and Karisma's right. I made her leek pie last year and now I shall have to make it again. It's wonderful!
grammy said…
Loved your reflection picture...
and I wish I knew how to REALLY use my camera (o:
I am tired of zucchini ... I guess that is why I burned my skillet full I was fixing for lunch...lol
Wendster said…
he he heeee

u r so funny.


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