Z-bub took me on a bug hunt this afternoon where he spotted this Bumble Bee.  My cell phone took this photo about two inches above the flower.  We let the bee be, and went on to capture a grasshopper.

I'm posting this to the September 24  Two Weeks in Autumn Photo Challenge.  Pop over to Faye's Summit Musings and get snappin'!


Faye said…
Grasshoppers are ever so much more fun and don't get all huffy when a small boy wants to investigate. Hope you and the grands will participate in my Two Weeks in Autumn Photo Challenge.
Sayre said…
Wow - your phone takes great pictures! Leaving the bee alone was a good idea. They can be quite friendly, but most people's instinct is to bat them away. With so many dying, we don't need any more killed or hurt for being curious.
Jan n Jer said…
Pretty soon the bees will be gone. Your Cell phone takes a great picture. Thats a good shot!
Intense Guy said…
Wow. I think your cellphone takes better pictures than my camera does!

Nice shot!!

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