Fun Monday Winter Survivor

As I sit here at my computer in the darkest night of winter chowing on Gourmet Chocolately Caramel Crunch, I am sure that this yummy snack would be the only thing required to survive the winter chill.

But, Ari, who is hosting the weekly Fun Monday meme, was serious when she asked, “What's in your winter weather arsenal?”

We’ve had some seriously cold days and a few inches of snow scattered here and there so you have to know we own a snow shovel and a container of de-icer.  (Thank God I am married to a man who loves to bundle up and take care of those early morning chores.)

The past few years have also found us in the dark more times than we care to repeat.  Thus, we have a small gas powered generator to see us through any extended periods without electricity.

The wood stove is roarin’ right now and we have a fair supply of kindling and logs to feed it when the temperature drops.  (It is 14ยบ F on our patio right now.)

There is long-underwear, polar fleece masks, woolen gloves and socks, and several pair of yak-trax in drawers that will keep us moving on down the icy road.

The automobiles are also winterized with anti-freeze and wearing their snow tires.  One vehicle is four-wheel drive and I’m not afraid to admit that I use it when I AM afraid.

But, maybe when I grow older – like next year – we will do the ultimate winterizing ever:  Go to Arizona!

Arizona.  Yeah. Sure.  And there are no calories in my **Chocolatey Caramel Crunch, either.

 **Purchased from my grandson Jammin’s boy scout troop.


Faye said…
In our area it doesn't take much to shut the power off. Found I can survive for several days w/o power as long as there's a sterno can to heat coffee water. When the hot water is gone in the water heater for showers I begin to whimper.

Whoever invented polar fleece should receive the humanitarian award--it's so warm, so non-cumbersome.

Arizona? Wouldn't you miss your snowy nature creatures?
Sandy said…
I LOVE YakTrax! We used to use them all the time when we were driving truck. We didn't do a lot of walking but they kept us from ending up on our derrieres on more than one fuel island.
karisma said…
Arizona? Hmmm? My man wants to go to Bali this winter to avoid the cold. Really it does not even get half as cold down here as it would at your place. We however, LOVE our fireplace! :-)
Sayre said…
You'd have to head for SOUTHERN Arizona - the northern part gets just as cold as anywhere else!

I would love to live somewhere a bit farther north (perhaps not as far north as Ari, though). It will get cold here, but not for any length of time - and I'd love to have snow a few times a year! I miss that. Never heard of yak trax before I started reading blogs though. Wish I'd known about them in Oklahoma - where I landed on my backside a few times. Ice was quite common - more so than snow there.
Jan n Jer said…
Brrrrrr....winter!! hate hate it. You have all the things it takes to stay warm. I stocked up on the salt for the driveway and the shovel has been used just once so far.(maybe that will be it)wouldnt that be nice!!!! We usually head south(Brunswick/golden isles Ga.)and would be there now....but due to some health issues my hubs is having, our plans are on hold for a while. Hope we can get there sometime in Feb. Meanwhile...I am wearing my warm fleece pjs and my new super warm winter coat!
Molly said…
Ah Pamela, we meet again at the old Fun Monday stomping grounds. (I have been remiss at my Fun Monday commitments.)

You are the second person to mention Yak-trax. perhaps, we will have to look into these. We have a gas generator that we bought for the old house sump pump. Gratefully, we have not had to call the generator into service at the new house for heating or for flooding.
Jill said…
?You know it snowed in Arizona recently? Lol. I wonder how the 'snowbirds' that went south appreciated that? Probably not much. I'm always cold.. brrr.
grammy said…
I keep dreaming about being a snowbird.... but deep down I know we will never move (o:
we have had below zero weather ... now it is 30 an warmer on some days and Denver has seen a LOT of bursting pipes...yikes.
Very cold was like 27 degrees below zero this was turns your nose hairs frosty almost instantly.. I hate winter..I need me some sunshine! I have to have really good warm boots and a parka..those two things go a long way in my survival. Pass some of that chocolate crunch stuff..we also need FAT to survive:)
Steve Skinner said…
I've been to Arizona and it's highly overrated.
The Church Lady said…
I caught a chill just readin this post, Pamela! Actually, it is cold here in PA too, but not as cold as 14! Brrrrr. We have often thought about getting a generator. I think it would be a wise investment. Sounds like you have all you need to stay cozy and warm!
ari_1965 said…
Ooh, I want your candy bar. That sounds really good.

So does Arizona.

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Gattina said…
I thought Fun Monday died, lol !
Our cars are not equipped at all for such a lot of snow ! This was exceptional and had last happened in 86 ! Good idea to go to Arizona, my friends (ex neighbors of my aunt) in Madison/Wisc have bought a trailer (?) and spend November til March in Arizona and then the rest in Madison, since they are both retired !
lisaschaos said…
Sounds much like here, lol. Except I'm the one shoveling. :) We have actually been thinking of a move to Arizona, lol. Husband's job has been doing somethings that will make them need someone there - but they're slow - we've been talking for a year this month - who knows by the end of this year maybe I'll be in AZ, but then again, it maybe another year or two the way they move, lol.
Karmyn R said…
I bought a box of the chocolate popcorn too - and didn't share any.
12ontheinside said…
Hmm. What I call winter you would not even recognise as such!

Take care :)
Hayden said…
At one point the fantasy was La Paz in the winter, with summers on Vancouver Island. But that was a couple of boyfriends ago... and unlike most of life, that isn't a plan I'd follow on my own.
Intense Guy said…

Perhaps the scout troop will return the favor of your purchase and chop some wood for you...
Wendster said…
fundraiser foods have no calories. I thought EVERYONE knew that.
And lots of people winter in Arizona. Why not you? Or even in California? You have kids in California, right? I think? Put a trailer in their driveway. Head into the house for frequent visits.

Fourteen degrees???? Holy cow. Brrrrr. I winterize by wearing a jacket with my sandals.

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