Grandma Laughs

Swinging with me in the hammock late Saturday evening, 5-year old Curlymop is suddenly entranced by my revealed tummy.

Before I even have the opportunity to ask if there is a wasp or an earwig on me, she stabs her finger into my belly-button and just as quickly removes it and sniffs.

Gwama: What..the....
Curlymop: I smelled your belly-button Gwama.
Gwama: Duh.........

Last night with almost 6-year old Buttercup.

Buttercup: Grandma can I sleep with you.
Grandma (reading in bed): Okay, crawl in. I'm only going to read for a few minutes then go to sleep.
After several minutes...
Grandma: Buttercup, you need to lie still and go to sleep.
Buttercup: Okay
After several more minutes of Buttercup squirming under the covers and making little clicking sounds.
Grandma: For heavens sake, Buttercup, what are you doing under there?
Buttercup: Clipping my toenails.

Then there is 14-month old Caboose. I've been smeared with oatmeal and bonked on the head. He screamed when I ended his mountain climbing adventure on the table and his death squeeze on the long-suffering cat. That is just the highlights.

Grandma: Hey lil' Caboose...what's happening?
Caboose: babadoolibbledeepoobameegoo.

He took the words right out of my mouth.


Pam, you are a special Gwama. Your grandchildren will have special memories of you forever.
kailani said…
Was she really clipping her toenails??? LOL!

An Island Life
Lil Mouse said…
fun times. I'm hosting monday
Connie said…
Aren't grandkids cute, sugar?! I just love mine. Unfortunately, the "girl", aged 29, and her mom - my daughter - thought I needed a makeover recently when we went to visit in Seattle. *Sigh*....... You do KNOW there will be a blog about it, right???? Yep.

I especially liked the "clipping my toenails" part, sweetpea. But I've gotta ask you about the garden. I want to do the same thing with bricks and some stone. I just want to lay the stone in the grass and jump up and down till it settles in. I'm toooo lazy to dig, put sand down, etc. Same with the brick. Can it be done??? Remember, toooooo lazy! Hah.


Your garden is just gorgeous and just like I want mine to look on this small lot.......
Jan n Jer said… enjoyable and funny.
ChrisB said…
Your grandchildren are adorable they say the cutest things.
Sandy said…
sounds like the very best kind of visit. Thanks for sharing.
Jenni said…
LOL! Too cute, even the toenail clipping:o)
Desert Songbird said…
Grandmas have THE BEST stories.
lisaschaos said…
Gwama should be exhausted. But in a good way, lol.
karisma said…
Gotta love em hey? Keeping up with little kids is hard work! LOL
cherie said…
hahah! enjoyed this so much!
Robinella said…
Clipping her toenails! lol. Sounds like you are having a good time.

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