Tears for my friend, a Tribute

Kaleb (almost 5) with his playmates in Chad

My heart will not rest until I give this moment to my forever friend, Jan, and the grief that has been poured upon her family.

Her grandson, little Kaleb, died on June 9 - complications of Malaria.

His daddy & mommy laid him to rest in Chad, where they have been working without a salary (donation based mission) to improve the lives of the people they love.

For friends of the family who wish to help the young couple out right now:

Two funds have been set up this week. The following info is from an Email I got from Jan this morning.
One fund is to help Gary, Wendy & their 3 year old Cherise fly to the states to grieve with family and friends. The 2nd fund is for their mission in Chad.

Gospel Ministries International www.gospelministry.org

Checks can be mailed to:
Gospel Ministries International
PO Box 506
Collegedale, TN 37315
Just say (*write on the check) that it is "In memory of Kaleb Roberts". This will put it in a special account so they will be able to tell that money was given for Kaleb.

f you would like to donate to their mission (they live off of only donations) then just (*write on the check) put the memo "for Gary and Wendy Roberts".
The "Kaleb" money will be used for the plane tickets and then anything above and beyond that will be used for a nutrition center there in Tchad.


Jennifer said…
That's so sad and I'm so sorry. Please post helping information and I will help if I can.
jenniejucie said…
Makes me cry just looking at that sweet face. How is parents must mourn knowing they wont see it again, in this life.
LadyStyx said…
My condolences for your friend's loss.
Sandy said…
My prayers are with your friends and with you. Thanks for giving us a concrete way to help, also.
Kaycie said…
Terribly sad to lose that little angel. My thoughts are with his family.
Heather Plett said…
Oh my - that's heart breaking!
Betty said…
What a sad story, and what a cute little boy.
So little, and such sadness, my sympathy.:)
Peter said…
That's a haunting story Pamela.
I am so very sorry, Pam.

My deepest sympathy.
Desert Songbird said…
My deepest condolences to your friend and her family, Pamela. How tragic to lose a child.
todd said…
I am so sorry for you and for the family of the little boy. My daughter was a missionary in Kabul for 2 years and has many friends living over seas. That just reminds me that it certainly is not without it's dangers. We will keep them in our prayers.
dawn said…
That is so very sad. I will keep the family in my prayers.
bermudabluez said…
Oh dear Pamela....I'm so sorry to hear this tragic news. My prayers are with you all.
wendy said…
Noooooooooooooooo! Not so young!!!

That would be like me losing my Tristan right now. How heart breaking.

Hugs and more hugs.
MarmiteToasty said…
Oh my goodness, how very tragic :( keeping everyone in my thoughts..

wendy said…
ON a completely different note ... congratulations on doing that midnight walk for Relay For Life.

That is awesome!

You are amazing.
Kila said…
How awful, my heart goes out to them.
Carla said…
That's so, so sad. It must be absolutely heart wrenching for the parents.
Karmyn R said…
After reading the e-mail you sent - the hardest read was the section of the other parents showing up to console them - because they too have lost children to Malaria....and they understood the loss.

Can Malaria be eliminated in Africa? I know they are trying.
ChrisB said…
Pamela it breaks my heart to read this,those poor parents. I read this over the weekend and haven't stopped thinking about it. My thoughts are with you all.
lisaschaos said…
This just so sad! He looks so precious - as do his friends - so painful!
Amanda said…
I sent Jan an email.
Had to tell her I was sorry.

Such a tragedy.
As a parent, I can't imagine.
Susie Q said…
Oh Pamela...my heart aches for them, for all of you. I am so, so sorry. May they find peace of heart...

Jettie said…
OOHH how absoulutly devestating. I am so sorry!!

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