The Yellow Pages

Carmi (who also happens to be a year older today) is using YELLOW for this weeks theme - The first time he's used a color.

Yellow is a great indicator of spring! Look at the lovely blossoms in my garden.

Isn't baseball a harbinger, too? The sports complex I passed this morning on on my daily walk is getting a fresh coat of paint on the dugout -- and has a brand new yellow pad on the outfield fence line.

Go team!

Let your fingers do the walking to the other yellow pages out there who are linking back at Written Inc!


Susan said…
Great photos! I love how the yellows shine with all the contrast.
JoeinVegas said…
I like those - nice mix of angles.
heather said…
So bright and brilliant!
Makes me happy.
Junebug said…
Moss rose is my absolute favorite flower! I need to go out and buy some right now. After I finish a few other chores. My hubby is convalescing after a hernia repair surgery. That's a lot of waiting on and checking back and forth to do.
Rayne said…
I love the bottom right hand photo. What kind of flower is that?
Gattina said…
When I read your title I thought you were showing us a telephone book, lol ! The Yellow Pages is a phone book here were all professions, banks and compagnies are listed ! To my big surprise I saw these beautiful pictures !
love love love the lines and curves here
Martha said…
What a wonderful series of yellow shots! I love your header photo too, it remeinded me of myself, LOL! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! Martha :-)
mamie said…
What is the long yellow things? It looks like one of those waterslide things my kids used to put in the backyard. Love the flower pix. Isn't yellow just the best color?

Thanks for stopping by my place too.
grammy said…
Great pics of yellow things. I liked your pictures yesterday. Feeding the chickens was great. Probably a lot of stories involved in every family there. If we only had diaries of our 'kinfolk' (o:
kitten said…
Happy Mother's Day!!!
lisaschaos said…
I love the top of the fence! And the flower below it there - beautifully tinged with orange/red
i REALLY love those photos especially the fence one, Quality!!
Desert Songbird said…
Yellow certainly does make things some alive.

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