The Yard Sale

The house towards the end of our street is hosting a yard sale this 3-day weekend. For a very good cause: Relay For Life.

They have a very large team of people who spent most of Thursday evening delivering items to be sold as well as organizing tables and displays.

This morning I drove past at 6:45 and saw bargain hunters scoping out the junk treasures in spite of the sign that said: We open at 9 o'clock.

To be nosey neighborly, we walked up there late this evening to see how things were going.

M was exhausted. Friday was her burden as many of the participants worked at their regular jobs.

Then she shared the worst part of the day.

Her next-door neighbor boy stopped by early and propped his bicycle by a table where some of the things still needed pricing stickers.

She sold it.


WT said…
Hahahaha! You just knew that was going to happen!
DesLily said…
ahhh so much "junk" so little time!
Shelby said…
oh noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Gattina said…
Hahaha ! that can happen.
here those sales are done in garages because of the incertain weather. It started a few years ago when more and more Americans moved to Waterloo and put out a sign : "Garage Sale"
Now the word "sale" means dirty in french and people wondered why they put signs outside to tell the whole world that their garage was dirty, lol!
Merle said…
Dear Pamela ~~ How funny ~~ she sold his bicycle. No doubt it got sorted out later on. Thank you for your birthday wishes. That was nice of you. I should have a lovely day tomorrow with family and friends.
Take care, Love, Merle.
Cher said…
It can certainly happen! I once was having a yard sale and was reading a paperback. I placed it on the chair to help someone, then sold a stack of books. Turns out the woman snatched my book I was reading and included it in the stack. I didn't notice until she drove away.
ChrisB said…
Selling the bike is a classic LOL. Hope he got it back!
Love it. Can't be too careful these days. :))
wendy said…
Cher ~ She stold your paperback!???! Oooooooooooh that would make me SO mad!!! We HAVE to know how our stories end.

How much did she get for the bicycle?

Hey ... it's for a good cause, right?
MarmiteToasty said…
Giggling so hard here LOL hahahahahaha

Beckie said…
Oh My - really that is quite horrible. She probably sold a hundred and some dollar bike for $15 to $20!
Moi said…
Oh no!! Poor kid!
Karmyn R said…
Oh NO! I hope she got a good price.
Becca said…
I have to say, it seems rather ridiculous to leave a bicycle next to yard sale items. Not that I don't sympathize with the poor soul who lost his bike, but come on! And if he was a neighbor why didn't he just leave his bike at his house?
Still I hope he gets it back. Bikes are useful, lol!
^.~<3 Becca
Peter said…
What a great idea for a neighborhood cleanup and fund raiser.... shame about the bike.
12ontheinside said…
Oh, haha! Poor kid, but it makes a great story.
A Spot of T said…
Nooooo!! LOL I'm sorry but that's hilarious!! That's what happens when one person tries to do enough for six or seven. Poor kid LOL
I remember a big yard sale I had when I left Kennewick... my ex came and wanted to take things he wanted. He stomped off when I said he had to buy them... no discount!
Too bad about the bike but what a great cause! We've participated in Relay for Life locally.

This year, someone asked J if he would like to walk with the survivors. That is so emotional, for me anytime, but if he walks, even more so!!
grace said…
poor kid, but I have been looking for a bicycle, so I would have bought it
bermudabluez said…
I kind of feel bad for the kid. But, I suspect it'll be the last time he stops by to help his neighbor!
Garage sales are all about selling. I bet the neighbor boy learned a valuable lesson that he'll remember the rest of his life!
Gaynor said…
Back there in the BACK of my mind I recall a similar story. But I don't think it was a bicycle! My dear Pam, hope you didn't buy anything!!!
Love when you comment on my blog. I think you are the perfect 'comment on my blog' person!! Love, Gaynor x
grammy said…
That is a crack up...I need a follow up on that... or are you pulling our leg? (o:

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