Another Boatload of photos

Nicole B. is hosting another scavenger hunt.

I just love photo memes. Especially the ones with a challenge.

Most of these photographs were taken since the first of May. A few had to be pulled from my archives in order for me to make the deadline and get on the road. Yes, I'm leaving in the morning and will be out of touch for awhile.

So here's the list. Done at last!

1) A Souvenir. Our daughters celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with a surprise Hawaiian luau in the back yard. That's my lei - I couldn't throw it away.

2) A Fish. "Blub Blub" and his pal were so happy in our pond. When we saw babies, we realized that happy wasn't the half of it.

3) A Religious Building
. A repeat from three years ago. Yes, I've been blogging religiously for three years. June 11, 2006. Happy Blogiversary to me.

4) A Fire Department. Reminds me of those days when my husband was fighting fires and saving lives. That was years before the doors were pink. (Okay - it was the sunset that painted them pink.)

5) A manhole cover. Poignant. Every manhole cover needs a control valve.

6. A Postcard. Of a much larger hole. Mount Mazama Volcano and Crater Lake Caldera in Oregon. A very very old postcard with an artists rendition.

7) Water. Several times a week I walk the creek path. This bottle sized boat was caught in the churning water under the berm. Maybe a little Sasquatch earning a scout merit badge.

8) A communication device. How does a blind person feel when he/she hears the screeching star wars call to battle and then the countdown. "Five, four, three, two..." Freaks me!

9) A life event. One that few people will experience. There were two cakes, and enough left over for her 200th birthday. She could make it.

10) A foreign stamp. Lucky for me, my daughter is involved in Post Crossing and I snuck into her stash of postcards and rifled through them. I didn't think she'd notice. I wasn't aware that she kept them stacked neatly in the order in which each was received.

11) A tree. It looks like the last embrace. "Please don't leaf me." Too late.

12) The living space of a non human. Possibly alien. You really want to know? It's a Bullocks Oriole nest in the top of a tree, next to the Christmas Tree dump.

13) A Street Mirror. Does this make my grass look big?

14) A Decoration Fixed on a house. My neighbors who live behind us. Although she insists we live behind her.

15) A Foreign Flag. It's in front of McDonald's, so I think we'll rule out Mordor, the land of shadow.

16) A Fire. Speaking of Mordor...! Okay, just a big bonfire after the corn roast.

17) An Antenna. He's checking out why the reception is so snowy. Feather brain, we're on cable.

18) A Phone Booth. Booth? Uh..............

19) A "verboten" sign. Toss, as in salad? Or Toss one's cookies? (I betcha that WT has another entirely different meaning in the land of Oz.)

20) A Beach. Here's some tossing I get. Tossing waves. And hungry gulls feeding at the water's edge - behind me and The Caboose!

21) A Cityscape Portland in February with a backdrop of Mount St. Helens. (She tossed her cookies in 1980.)

22) Something Goofy. Colton's nose. You can't stop looking down into his nostrils, can you?

23) Something Carved. My husband bought this little wooden man forty years ago in Guayaquil, Ecuador. It's about the size of a four year old and had to be stored in and slept with in his bunk on the submarine all the way around Cape Horn.

24) An Eye. The eye of a dragon being restored in a carousel museum. If you dare to look deeply into it, you'll discover that his icy glare captured my spirit.

25) Something Rural
. The scavenger hunt is over for the season!

Did you make it this far? Well, thanks for sticking with me.

As always, you are invited to see the other "hunters" over at Nicole's blog.


PS ...................... I'll see you when I see you.
One of these days I'm going to have a lap top to travel with me.)


NicoleB said…
I've totally enjoyed your pics!
What a lovely hunt.
100th birthday? My gosh!
And you made me goggle with Mordor and feather brain :D
I do post crossing too.
Maybe one day your daughter will get one from me :D
Have a fun journey :)!
mythopolis said…
I enjoyed these shots and the commentary! My favs are the Oriole's nest...I have never seen one before...and the heron. Hopefully, I will finish the hunt today....or tomorrow.
foam said…
love your photos ..
even though the flag is not really in mordor ..
now that would have been cool .. or actually .. not.
my favorite one is probably the sasquatch scout merrit badge project .. lol ..
Boo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boo said…
LOVE your scavenger hunt photo's. You made me giggle. I'm from the land of Oz, and I haven't finished my hunt...but I couldn't give a toss!!!

Good Luck!


P.S I didn't look in to Colton's nostril's until you told me I wouldn't be able to stop! I was admiring the beautiful shadow's across his nose. :)
Kaycie said…
These are all wonderful, Pamela. I especially love the picture of the fish. They're so colorful.
Jettied said…
WOW!! I have so many things to say!! Love the post card mishap!!! What on earth kinda bird is on that anntenna? Lovely on Your 3 year blogging ann.!! Cute little nose!! and a street mirror? never sseen that!! and...and oohh what was that other one..ooohh ya...i love that cover how funny!! i hope you put your feet up to rest a bit after this post!!
Karmyn R said…
Hey - the Dragon's eye turned out good...and he might even fit into the whole Mordor theme.
Ria said…
great shots! i liked the nest photo a lot :-) i hunted too...and it took two tries to post it right hehehe. hope you drop by here
ChrisB said…
A lovely collection of photos. Congratulations on your coming blogiversary-I have to wait until Sept. for mine.
MarmiteToasty said…
I LOVE looking at peoples photos :).... loved em...

travel safe..

Really enjoyed your photos and seeing a snapshot of your life. favourites are the old postcard, the foreign stamp (I'd never heard of Post Crossing), street mirror, antenna (my favourite of all, I think) and the eye of the dragon that has captured your soul!
if you need me, i'll be here, looking into colton's nostrils.

thanks for that....
Melli said…
Loved your treasures! I especially like your neighbor's house decoration - and the toy boat in your water! Great finds! OH! And the 100th birthday! WOW! Wonderful!
Bengbeng said…
Wonderful. a great selection of shots
Bengbeng said…
i asked myself which pic attracted my attention the most and guess what : it was the goofy pic..after reading i just had to look into the nostrils hahahahahahahha
Jen said…
great photos for the challenge! I signed up but haven't completed it... might have to post what I have at least.

Nice and warm in your neck of the woods, hey?! i've got an Aunt in Tri-Cities. :)
Faith said…
Beautiful shots! Love the captions and content! My favorite was the feather brain one..LOL!
sakaigirl said…
haha! i love the nose!
Kelly said…
Beautiful photos! I hope Fern had a wonderful 100th birthday. :) Love the nose, tree and dragon's eye.
mythopolis said…
Back for a second favs this time are oriole's nest, the bonfire, flag shadow, heron, and toy boat! I'm sorry but I couldn't look into the nose, I've raised 4 kids and I have seen enough! : ) P.S. I guess those deer can't read because otherwise they wouldn't be posing in front of a hunting permitted sign!
lisaschaos said…
I was totally going to do this but I forgot! Bad lisa! I couldn't have done better than this though. :) Love them all!
Wow!! I'm totally impressed!!

Bethany would love the Mordor pics; she explains gleefully that "Mo-uh-do-uh is ebil!"
wendy said…
Most excellent.

"We realized that happy wasn't the half of it" was my favorite commentary but it was ALL so good.

I looked at every photo and read every bit of commentary.

Favorite image? I really liked the shadow of the flag. Very clever!

You are good!

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