Kats, Kids, and Komputers

My computer is humming - (I think it's humming the tune to "Crossing My Fingers.")

There is toothpaste on the hand towels in the bathroom. A grandparent will automatically know that means the grandchildren are visiting.

Curlymop (4) and I sat on the patio Friday night and watched an acrobat catching insects above the yard. She hopped up and did a monkey walk around the chairs.

Me: Why are you walking silly?
Curlymop: So the bat won't eat my butt.
Me: That bat won't eat people. It eats insects.
Curlymop, silent for awhile then says: I'll feed it Spagetti O's.
Me: How about Batsgetti O's.
Curlymop: How about Buttsgetti O's.
Me ( giggling) thinks -- Okay she wins!

The Contessa is no longer a cone head. She walked around like a drunk while required to wear it. When her stitches were finally removed, she was frantic: Groom Groom Groom! Time for hairball medicine again.

Poor Tessy.

The hubby attempted to capture the stray with a live trap from the animal shelter. There was no activity around our house for a week and we believed the animal may have moved on.

But! NO! As soon as the trap was returned the cat arrived to yowl outside our windows and spray on our patio door. It is bad enough that it has caused our cats to spray and act skittish. We are also quite certain it was the culprit that injured The Contessa, as well!

We have to remove that cat. ANY and ALL suggestions are welcome!


Susie said…
I could relate to the toothpaste on the towels (and huge globs in the sink too!) Loved her "Buttsgetti O's". She's a clever one.
Poor Tessy will probably have more than one hairball after that ordeal.
The trap is the most humane method to capture that stray. Would you local animal control be of any help?
(I know they have other methods that temporarily tranquilize wild animals so they can be captured)
Wish I had a better idea..
Claudia said…
Curly Mop is good!!

As for the hairballs, at least la Contessa has short hair for now!! And the stray? I wish you the best! I'd keep the trap around for at least a month!!
ChrisB said…
So glad to see you back~ bet you've done a lot of dusting while your komputer has been AWOL!!

Curlymop is just so funny~ I love that conversation :)

I have no words of wisdom about the sneaky cat who obviously just waited for you to drop your guard! Ask WT he's usually full of ideas (mind I didn't say they were good ones LOL)!!
Robin said…
Your post title reminded me of Swampy for some reason, lol.

And The Contessa DOES look pitiful when she was coned :/.

A wise grandmother knows when she's whipped; Curlymop sounds like a force to be reckoned with :).

Wish I could help you with a cat trap :/...it was all I could do to exterminate the MICE when the found their way here!

And...I DREAMED about you and Karmyn last night! After I read her blog (and Peter's) in the wee morning hours. HA! You gave me some cryptic present, you and Kar were on the way to the beach...and I just remembered I copied you on the email, so I don't need to finish here!

Pretty funny, huh?
kailani said…
Yuck! Nothing much worse than cat spray! If you figure out how to get rid of that cat, let me know. We have a nightly visitor, too.
WT said…
Might be time to get a dog!

Nice to see you back again.
s.m. said…
I like your description of you in profile, so somehow keeps purity in fine style and beautiful greetings to you
lisaschaos said…
Yay, grandkids in the house equals fun!

Not sure what to do about that pesky kitty but am glad your Tessie is feeling better. Oh am also glad your butts are safe. :)
ablondeblogger said…
Ahhh...yes, toothpaste hell. Amanda has claimed the kids' bathroom for herself so the youngest two use my sink and there are always globs of toothpaste everywhere.
PAT said…
Good to see you back, Pam! Love the buttsgettio's!

Hope your cat dilemma is solved very soon!

Have a wonderful week!

Karmyn R said…
I think WT might have the best solution. But - you may want to get that trap again and keep it longer than a week.
robinellablog said…
I'll be tuning in for this one. the stray hasn't sprayed anything yet, (knock on wood) but he is doo-ing in my perfectly stripped out flower beds. I was weeding them the other day and the smell and fear of picking up cat doo gave me really terrible thoughts about that stray.

And to boot, my neighbor is feeding it! Arghhh!
Hayden said…
stray cats are a nightmare, and the people who abandon them should simply be lined up and shot.

not that I think of myself as a violent person..... but "discarding" pets is just beyond my understanding.

curlymop conversation was adorable...
Kila said…
Great to see you again! Thanks for visiting me.

Curlymop sounds very bright and funny, LOL.

As for the bad kitty, don't know what to tell you, I guess I would try another kind of trap.
Betty said…
I love it when the grandkids come for a visit, but I've never noticed toothpaste on the hand towels. I'll have to check closer.

Poor kitty. I hope she's going to be okay.
Kaytabug said…
I have no suggestions on how to get rid of the culprit cat.

I hope Tessy keeps making a full recovery!

Curly mop is too funny!!!
Glad you are back!!
little wanderer said…
toothpaste on the towels is just great isn't it?!
You need to borrow a few dogs to get rid of the cat.
Glad Tess has finally got rid of her lampshade.
Jettied said…
OOHH waht a Cute conversation!! And oohhuugg we have a little guy that LOVES to squirt toothpaste anywhere...and I always see it too late!!! Like on the rug...steps..go to wipe my hands off...He's such a stinker!!
And Would you like to borrow our dog..kiarra is a true cat wrangler..The cat wouldn't last an hour!!
DesLily said…
welcome back!!! Glad things are up and running again!

oh my.. well with so many cats in this house hairballs are the norm!

I hope you catch the kitty outside so that he can be moved elsewhere! I can't say bad things about strays since all the cats in this house wandered here..
Tammy said…
Me thinks Curlymop has some of her grandmother's witty genes...heehee
jennifer said…
Are there some home remedies that work for animals

Moth balls to ward off snakes
Lime as well.
Cayenne pepper for dogs.

But for the life of me, I don't know what keeps a cat aways except for a BIG dog.

We are certainly lucky to have toothpaste on our bathroom towels, aren't we? I wouldn't trade it for anything!
dawn said…
Kids are so cute. I have one that likes to do play on words and has since a very young child.

Poor Contessa. She really does look like Eloise, or rather how Eloise would look with a haircut and a cone.

No solutions for the stray. About 5 years ago when we lived in town, we would go out to our garage and the smell made me wretch. My husband talked to the neighbour behind us. Seems he filled a hole in the alley with cat litter and every stay and male cat let out was marking it. He cleaned it up and the problem when away. I know that doesn't help you any, but I can commiserate with you on the stench. Perhaps a big mean dog WOULD do the trick.
Debbie said…
What a charming conversation with Curlymop.

I don't have any suggestions for the stray but I hope you find one soon. Poor Contessa (brilliant name for a cat, by the way).
judypatooote said…
Curlymop sounds adorable....and poor Tessy, it must really be annoying having to wear that around her neck.....no suggestions.. if a live trap don't work?????? judy
Debs said…
Glad to see you are back. :)

Poor Tessy. She is still pretty. I hope you get it all resolved.

The conversation with Curlymop is funny and cute. Buttsgetti O's. :)

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