It's Raining, It's Pouring

We are home in the rain.
We can't complain

The previous week the hubby put a bridge
in next to the waterfall.
It is a gift from Glenda and Steve.
They could not find a place for it in their yard.
I'm SO SORRY they were unsuccessful.
(My nose is growing.)

Did I mention it is raining?
I feel sad for those who are suffering
drought. February was a dry month here
in the valley.

The new growth on the lace leaf maple tree
flaunted some spring jewels as I
passed it on the way to fill the bird feeder.

Bird songs filled the air and continued
even as The Contessa (Tessy) ran circles around
the yard in happiness.

Bill, the neighbor, cared for The Contessa
while we were gone. That meant she was confined to the house and
her kitty box that she accesses through the cat entry
on the garage door.

All week I worried about her canned food. Bill, being nearly deaf, doesn't answer the phone so calling him would have been pointless.

However, after he read the news about rat poison, he checked her food. It was one of the name-brands that was recalled, but not the specific lot numbers. Nevertheless, I threw it all away and will now be buying that expensive holistic variety for her.

Which means I will be eating peanut butter and jelly.


Gaynor Ridley said…
Wow, aren't I lucky!! I've just 'stumbled' upon your blog and IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL and I will look forward to many good long reads in the future Pamela.
I'm an Aussie currently living in Schopfheim, Germany. Check out my blog if you like
Susie said…
Love your bridge! I was also very worried about the cat food issue, but thankfully we didn't have any of the lot numbers that were contaminated.
I feel so sorry for those pet owners who tried to buy good quality food, and then have a tragedy like that happen!
Just as I am putting in the verification code your comment on my site popped up, too funny!!
mjd said…
When you are eating your peanut butter and jelly, remember that Salmonella was found in the Peter Pan peanut butter. But I guess Salmonella is better than rat poison. Forgive me for joking; I would have thrown the pet food out too. Maybe all these problems with food will help us develop methods to protect our food supply. We can hope.
theotherbear said…
Wow, What a cool bridge. And how cool to be able to refer to your own waterfall in your back yard! Green with envy here!
James Burnett said…
Definitely a cool bridge. And that's OK on the PB&J diet. A loyal pet is worth it ;-)
Masago said…
Love the bridge! Those blossoms are awesome (too early here for that yet).
wolfbaby said…
I am completly in love with your yard!! wow... glad your tessa is ok.
kailani said…
The sacrifices we make for our loved ones. I'm glad he saw the news and checked on the food!
Robin said…
"The new growth on the lace leaf maple tree flaunted some spring jewels as I passed it on the way to fill the bird feeder."

Seems like sooo many of your posts have a line (or 20) I wish I had written. That one is it this time.

Glad Glenda and Steve's loss was your gain, Pinocchio ;).
Holly said…
Pamela these pictures are so perfect! I absolutely love them. We got rain too but it was Friday and Saturday. I'll have to share some pictures because my kids waded out in the new pool (aka street) in front of the house in several inches of water. It was crazy!

Karmyn said…
I like the bridge. And good old Mr. P - of course he would have checked.
Claudia said…
welcome home!! I love the bridge and the little pond. Do you have goldfish in there too?? sigh..
Sunrunner said…
Beautiful bridge! I wish you could send a bit of that rain down here! Of course we have a light covering of snow that fell this morning.

I hadn't heard that rat poison was the culprit in the food scare! How horrible! It's probably best (although not for the checkbook) that you threw away that stuff.

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