I love Spring

We are not finished cleaning
up the yard for the spring.

Last years plants are left as winter
forage for our bird friends, so it is
always a surprise to see the Daffodil
poke through and announce the season.

The early tulips are smaller than
the tall stately variety that we see in late
April and May.

If you ever smelled a hyacinth
on a early March morning breeze,
then you'll believe in heaven.

The Star Magnolia will look like a
snow flocked wonder in a few days.
Never a green leaf in sight until
its glory has passed.

Welcome spring.


Susie said…
I love your picture of the daffodil bud. Hyacinths were blooming along the walkway of the care home when we went to visit Grandpa. They truly smelled heavenly!!
We woke to a fresh clean coating of snow this morning.... thank you for posting pictures JUST IN TIME to make me believe spring will come....

The photos capture the just breaking through feeling of the buds... SO PRETTY! You brightened my day!
get zapped said…
Lovely photos! I guess since we are living in the same region, we are influenced by the same things. I posted my early spring pics this week. Thanks for sharing ;)
Claudia said…
hurray for spring!!
Bonnie B said…
Those pics are beautiful-- and yes, hyacinth is heaven in the air (my favorite-- well, peonies semll pretty good too).
Kathleen Marie said…
Wow, I am so jealous! I came home to 2 inches of snow but I must say it was beautiful! The sun is shining and spring is in the air.

mark said…
Beautiful! Fantastic photos. I'm jealous. It's warming up here and some plants are beginning to sprout but we're still riding a temperature rollercoaster.
swampwitch said…
Thank you for inspiring me to go outside and "dig around" in the dirt. I love the photos and can almost smell the hyacinth. We are so far behind you here. My bulbs haven't even peeked out yet. Great descriptive writing.
Karmyn said…
Once again we are just days ahead of you in the spring department. My neighbors Star Magnolia is in full bloom and so are all my daffodils....and my hyacinths are looking great....I have a picture of Buttercup using the petals as earplugs. I will post it next week probably.
Mert said…
Beautiful! I love tulips... I wonder why mine haven't poked their little heads out yet?

I also love the smell of hyacinth:D

As far as the star magnolia... I have one of those in my side yard and had been wondering for 5 1/2 years what the heck it was. It looked like a magnolia, but i wasn't sure. My buds look exactly like those. i love to break off a few branches and bring them in... they smell so good!
Heather said…
really? those are from your garden.
i'm impressed. beautiful.
Susan in va said…

I saw some pink buds coming out on my neighbor's Kwanzan Cherry tree (my personal favorite). I love spring. It was 80 degrees here today.
Devon said…
Sigh, thank you Pamela!
C said…
There has to be a God. Why would there be flowers if there was no God.
ablondeblogger said…
Spring is my favorite time of year! I dressed my kids in shorts when we went to the doctor's today. It was so sunny and hot.

Then, when we left the doctor's office, it was suddenly windy, dark and cold! Drastic change and such a big tease!
kailani said…
Beautiful flowers. Yup, Spring is just around the corner! It's my favorite season of all!
Jeanette said…
Hi Pamela
It looks like spring has sprung over there, the buds look lovely all comming into bloom.
deslily said…
hmmm, well it's snowing here at the moment so i guess i'll settle for your spring buds!

it's always amazing to watch everything come to life each year.
Melissa said…
theotherbear said…
I love these photos. We are just heading into Autumn and looking forward to the relief from hot weather.
Pass The Torch said…
I think it's amazing that we can mbat at the same approximate latitude and you have flowers popping out of the ground, while mine are still under five inches of snow and frost.

Masago said…
These are beautiful!
ChrisB said…
You've captured Spring so well in these photos
Anonymous said…
nice snaps

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