Birds, Bees, Blooms, and Bugs.

I thought I would make it through to spring without catching the current bug. I guess not.

All week I have been miserable --- sore throat, cough, headache, chills, crankies.

I wasn't so sick that I didn't get out of bed and drag myself to work. It was one of those weeks that I couldn't give myself that choice, anyway.

So, this morning I lounged in my pajama's and watched the birds.

The goldfinch (still in their winter garb of course) were feeding
on the Niger and Sunflower seeds. I enjoyed the flitting Junco's, the Magpie, a Varied Thrush, and several other varieties of sparrows.

I thought they were eating an enormous quantity the
last few days; then I saw Mr. Squirrel.

I thought I'd enticed him away with the
peanuts I left on the ground.
Maybe I should just give the peanuts
to the hubby.

I put on my shoes and went out to
fill the feeder again when I heard something buzz
past my ear.

Looking around I discovered
the heather was blossoming
and there were several
honeybees enjoying it. Where did they come from?
It snowed as recently as Thursday.

Did you read in the news that there is
something called "colony collapse disorder"
that is decimating the country's bee population.
What will the farmers do? and then what will we do?
Doesn't nearly everything we eat require pollination?
Click on the picture to the right to see our early
buzzer... red arrow pointing at it.

I bought myself flowers to make me
feel better. I placed them on the brick pillar
so they could gaze at the sun that broke through the clouds
late today.


Pollux said…
Very good blog's title and a very interesting excuse to not clean the house. jajaja
My salute to you.

Pollux from Chile
Gattina said…
Sorry that you feel so bad ! I think it's a little everywhere where people are getting out of the winter ! Not the Australians, lol they just finished their summer ! We have the same birds here but not many in our garden because of my four cats ! And I love squirls they are so sweet ! Ours here have a red color and are very small. Yours are grey and much bigger ! I saw a lot of them when I was visiting my aunt in Madison/Wisc.
Willowtree said…
Ah, don't you just love the change of seasons. I know I do, and I don't even care which direction we're going.

As for the pollination issue, yes I think you may be affected because your food needs it, but I'm fine as I only eat meat and potatoes and I don't think they pollinate cattle.
Jeanette said…
Hi Pamela Hope your feeling well very soon
Love your photo's of the birds feeding and that cheeky sqirrel having a feed of bird seed, love that pink plant with the bee.were just made Autumn but you wouldnt know it, were still having very hot weather 39c today=102f.
deslily said…
sorry you are feeling so bad, I hope you feel somewhat better today.

wow you sure have many pretty birds there.. if we didn't get blue jays and cardinals we'd have no color at all here.
May you and the bees stay healthy! I love the pictures -- what pretty birds. I wonder about those bees that hide for the snow and come out for the flower show. Where are they during the snow? I'm excited for you that you have blooms already. I've revisited my older pictures of spring since all I have is snow. Enjoy your spring!
her indoors said…
hope you are feeling better real soon, i have just started with a cold and usually carry on going off to work, but i am off for a few days so will be able to chill out, great photos so glad spring is on the horizon
Claudia said…
Hi pamela...
I hope you feel better. I'm still fighting this stupid bug and it's miserable. I love the pictures...believe it or not, I never knew what a primrose looked like!
BarnGoddess said…
awwww, I hope you feel better. I have the 'bug' too.

great pictures! spring has sprung :) yeah!!!!! Ive been looking forward to it.

what about the bee situation? that is scary......
Amanda said…
Well, I certainly hope you didn't catch the nastiness from us!! And I am sorry that you are feeling crappy. I can sympathize an entire month of February with you.

Hope you are feeling better today. Enjoy the pond and the backyard and the bird. I know how much you love to birdwatch. Relax Mom and feel better. xoxo
Susie said…
Sorry that bug found you. Hope you feel better soon. I see you have the same problem at your bird feeder as we do! Mr Squirrel loves bird seed!
Most everything is in bloom here too!
Melissa said…
Aah, spring. I love the warmer weather but my allergies are already threatening a takedown. I'm allergic to bees too. I'm really awesome, now that I think of it. ;)

Pretty pictures. I hope you're feeling better soon.
Masago said…
Those are cute critters!
Karmyn said…
What a pesky acorn woodpeckers were back today, but wouldn't come down because the kids were running around below the feeders.

And Dave made me another birdhouse - very cute and rustic looking. I hope a nuthatch picks it.
theotherbear said…
Great bird feeders. I had to stop putting bird seed out because I saw a huge RAT! EEK! Your squirrels are just so cute! DO you think of them as a pest? Hubby laughed at me the first time I saw squirrels in Canada because I chased after them taking photos. He was standing there, shaking his head, saying "They are pests!"
Debs said…
Love looking at your pics!! So pretty! :)
Anonymous said…
it is easy to forget about that primrose. tough stuff. ivy

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