Snake River Sky

Snake River - Fishhook Park with Grands
(Interloper on far left.. ha ha)

Snake River - Leaving the dock

Life is Grand (five of them)

Fish Pond at night

Can you see me?

Sparrow Food looking at the camera 

 Bees with Garlic breath

Such is life


bekahjane said…
looks a super fun time was had by all on the Snake River, even by the interloper! :)
bichonpawz said…
This is beautiful Pamela! I remember those tube days!!! That is one HUGE tube!
Coffeypot said…
Man, that last picture...I need to be reset all the time.
Jan n Jer said…
Looks like you n the grands are having a good one! Nice photos!
Sandy said…
Beautiful pictures!
Living Life said…
I'll bet the kids just love the water ride! ANd I'll bet you just love to watch the expressions on their faces! Great summer time pics!
JoeinVegas said…
Looks rather pleasant
Intense Guy said…
I bet those grands will remember that ride on the snake river for their entire lives!! and how much fun it was and how neat granma is!!

I bet the interloper wanted to join the "fun gang"!

Laffs at church sign... sometimes the plain old way of doing things is best huh? :)

Hope you are enjoying your summer!
grammy said…
Great pictures and great fun.
we never do the water thing....hubby does NOT like the water, but that sure looks fun to me.
lisaschaos said…
Looks like you know how to party with grands! Fun!!! Love the swallowtail and especially the bird feeding baby.
It looks like you are having a great summer..I loved the photos! That is a great looking tube:)
Wendster said…
My favorite pic is the one of the owl in that tree! Amazing photos, all of them ... pond is another fave ... and how did you get that photo of mama bird and her baby? BRILLIANT! You are such a good photographer. Love it.

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