Conversations with Grands

Last week I supervised my 14-year old grand daughter as she baked a beautiful apple-blueberry pie.  It was not only a pleasure to the taste buds, but it was beautifully crafted as well.  Almost six-year old Z-bub was all about that pie the rest of the morning.  

"Where is the pie?" He worried at lunch.

I told him we would serve it at dinner.

When our evening meal arrived he took one look on the patio table and declared, "I don't see the pie!"

"We need to eat our dinner first," I told him and we began serving up our barbecue chicken and corn on the cob.

Z-bub took several bites and declared that he had eaten and was ready for dessert.

"Z-bub, the rest of us are still eating our dinner," Grandpa reprimanded him quietly.  "You are going to have to be patient and wait.  Maybe you could even eat a few more bites off that plate while you wait?"

We went on with the meal and he began to chow down with his normal appetite in command.  That is when I suddenly remember that I promised to call someone at 6:30.

"OH!  MY!" I exclaimed.  "What time is it!?"

"It's time for Pie!" Z-bub immediately responded.   

The pie lover is on the far left below.  Then 9 year old Evalina, 7-year old Curlymop, almost 4-year old Dinkum Devo, and 2-year old Mizelle.
(Photo of me and five of my ten grand children, taken by my daughter Amanda. My old Canon Power Shot)

In mid-June we were trying to decide if we wanted to go to an afternoon matinee.  That is until I added up the ticket price for two adults and five children. Wowsers.  Instead, I asked the 14 year old red-headed girl if she thought I should rent "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."  

As she was considering that, Dinkum Devo grabbed my arm and began to shake it to get my attention. 

"Grandma.... I want diarrhea!"   


Curlymop:  "Mama, have you ever had rooster dots?"
Mama:  "Rooster Dots?  Whaaat?"
Curlymop:  "You know...the little dots you get all over your body?"
Mama:  "OOOH!   You mean Chicken Pox!"


Yesterday we were having lunch with the Red-headed Girl, Evalina, Mizelle, and the two boys.  The main subject of the table conversation was that Curlymop was coming to our house that night.  Z-bub must have asked six times in succession what time she would arrive.

Meanwhile, Evalina was quietly thinking about the  lop sided feminine ratio in the household.

"When Curlymop gets here," she announced, "the girls are really going to outnumber the boys!"

Z-bub counted out loud around the table, including me in his sum. 
"There are four girls at this table, and two boys!"

Dinkum Devo jerked his head up from his plate in genuine surprise and shouted, " Is Grandma a guuuuuurl?"


Grand-aunt Fern is 102 and I still help her with her bill paying, medical visits, and prescriptions. 

The other day she asked, as she always does, "Do you need some money?" 

Occasionally I  accept a small token, as I think she does get some pleasure in giving it.  But, this time I responded as I often do with , "Not today Auntie Fern.  You gave me some last week!" 

She usually quips, "Well, Thank You just doesn't seem like enough. But, you'll get your reward in Heaven!"

So I was quite surprised that this time she waved her hand in a circle and laughed, "Well, I'll just throw it in the dust, and we'll let the rain settle it!"     


ps: Here's the girls outnumbering the boys when we went to the park today:


Sandy said…
Just lovely, Pamela. Now if you get your blogs bound into a book, you will have all of these witticisms and pictures together forever!
Jan n Jer said…
Great pic of you n the grands. Don't you just love what comes out of their mouths sometimes!!!! So cute!
bekahjane said…
This is a fantastic picture. I love reading your conversations.

btw.. I have a new blog.
Great conversations with the grands..lovely photo too! Good to hear that Auntie Fern is still making you smile :)
dawn said…
Well, it looks like having grandkids will be a lot of fun. I will have to keep up my blog to record the funny things they say, since I didn't have time to do it when my own kids were young. Sounds like Aunt Fern is as spry as ever. We are working with Sirdar's aunt who is 93 and very sharp too. I love the photos of the you and the grandkids.
kailani said…
When it comes to dessert, my kids have a one track mind, too! Must have been some great pie!
bichonpawz said…
You sure have some great times with your grands! Love checkin' these out Pamela!
Gattina said…
Geez, and I have only one, lol !
Aret these the children of your two daughters ? I saw him this weekend for my birthday. He is now a big boy of 7 months !
Intense Guy said…
Awwwwww... as always they are just too precious!!!


P.s., it is ALWAYS time for pie!!!! Even when you have rooster dots! LMAO!
JoeinVegas said…
Wow, curlymop sure does have a curly mop. Cute
Kathleen said…
Conversations with grandkids are wonderful, delightful and keep me on my toes.

You have shared treasures with us and I have enjoyed the sharing.

Have a wonderful day!
Peter said…
Yhere is no chance of putting Z-bub of his pie!!!!
grammy said…
What a great post...full of laughs. good for you...writing down the funnies. I always say I will...then forget to.
I have thought about giving the kids cute little names for blogging...then I never remember them.
I love what aunt Fern said...sounds like great advice.
Living Life said…
There is never a dull moment with the kids around!! Too cute!
lisaschaos said…
YOu have so many wonderful grandchildren! You are so very blessed! But I think you know that, as I see you treasure every single member of your family, esp Auntie Fern. :)

I did however notice the pie baker was not in the photo with the pie lover. . .
Anonymous said…
I just read your blog for the first time. I found it at Especially Heather's comment section. I'm so glad I did. Your blog is like a book. It's hard to stop reading once you start. You definately have a great writing ability.
Ann Parker
Karmyn R said…
hahah - diarrhea
Wendster said…
I LOVE that picture of you and the kids up on that ... balcony? Gazebo? The lighting is phenomenal and you look great. :)
Sounds like you are having a great time with the grandkids.
I had no idea your daughter has cancer! I have been a terrible blog visitor and a terrible friend. Please forgive me. As is usual for me I got caught up in my own "worries" and stayed away too long. Hugs!

Loved the pie story. ha ha ha

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