Popinjay: Joyful

Heather Goodman, a blogging friend for nearly four years, is hosting a meme this week and next called Popinjay.   She says: 
  • pop⋅in⋅jay--noun--a person given to vain, pretentious displays and empty chatter. In other words, blogging. Isn't that what this personal blogging is all about? Me. Me. Me. For this photo challenge, that's perfect. We're going to dig inside of ourselves and do some concept photography. I'm going to give you a word and you're going to take a photo of something that describes the concept of the word. 
Today's word: joyful.
  • joy·ful
    1. full of joy, as a person or one's heart; glad; delighted.
    2. showing or expressing joy, as looks, actions, or speech.
    3. causing or bringing joy, as an event, a sight, or news; delightful: the joyful announcement of their marriage.
 So I'm playing.  AND... I'm choosing the third definition of joyful -  causing or bringing joy.

My son-in-law gave me a beautiful Lupine quite a few years ago.  He may not even remember.  I do.  I loved it.  Something happened to it this winter.  Perhaps it died of old age.  Maybe the winter was just more than it could handle.  The roots could have even been destroyed by a bug or disease.  For whatever reason, when spring arrived - it did not.  I was heartbroken.

This morning I was doing some weeding and cleaning in the flower beds when I discovered something growing under the edge of a large bush:  TWO BABY LUPINE.

I gently dug them out and transplanted them in a spot where the sun will invite them out to play.  

Yes.  Finding these brought me joy.   Can you see those scraggly little tendrils out here in front?  

What makes you joyful today?


Connie said…
I dusted my house 2 weeks ago, sugar! I let that dust wait. Hubs was in shock! LOL LOL
grammy said…
That sounds like fun
I must admit....plants don't do it for me (o:
Not that I don't like yours...they are great
I just had my 3 year old at Mcdonalds
that child and the rest are just a big whammy source of
for me (o:
Donna said…
Flowers...any kind. Love them all!
What a sweet thing for Son to do and SO glad you still have them!
Happy night Miz Pamela!
Karina said…
AWWW...I have to admit, as a "new" gardener (considering I don't even have a garden, but just a balcony) new life in my plants always makes me joyful as well.

great post!
The Church Lady said…
I can see how that made you joyful!

Pretty flowers tend to bring me joy.
Kim said…
How wonderful. I know that joy. Peonies blooming the first spring after planting gave me that kind of joy. Yay for the baby lupines.
Oh how fun!

We have baby oak trees we brought back from my mom's house that we are nursing. All we have around our house right now is cedar/juniper!!
I love wildflowers..no weeding , no watering..just joyful enjoying!! What color was your Lupine? I have them re seeding all over the place..occasionally we will have a really hard winter and it will kill them all off..then I have to plant more seeds or just move seedlings...I have found that they are best where they have chosen to grow themselves. I posted my Altered Bloggy Book at the book site..there is a link at Karmyns:)
kailani said…
What a wonderful surprise! The gift lives on.
heather said…
Which is the lupine? I don't know what those are, unfortunately.

Thanks for playing this week!
Intense Guy said…
What makes me joyful today?

Reading blogs like this one - and being able to see the person "smiling" behind the words they wrote.
Jan n Jer said…
I find joy in gardening also...to plant a flower n nurture it and watch it grow is such a wonderful feeling.
bichonpawz said…
My bichons do it for me Pamela!! You have a lovely garden and I am glad that you find joy in it!! I do love my Dahlias....they are just teeny, tiny little sprouts right now!
Gattina said…
What let me swing today is the fact that I am preparing my suitcase and stuff for my round trip through Morocco starting Sunday ! I am leaving for the airport at 4 am !!
Steve Skinner said…
Being able to spent the past five days on the east coast to celebrate my mother's 86th birthday.
Kila said…
How wonderful to find the two baby lupine!

What's making me joyful this morning? Love. :) Florida sunshine. And today is my youngest boy's 8th birthday!
peter goodall said…
great work on Popinjay: Joyful... thanks for sharing :)
Kathleen said…
I like this. I think I will play though it is late...

Flowers -- I love them. I can understand you very well. :)
MarmiteToasty said…
Lupins do that sometimes, beautiful one year and then not appearing another year, it sounds like yours seeded though, how lovely..

When I was married to the tosser and we owned a plant nursery....we use to grow about 8 thousand lupins each season, but one year we arrived at the nursery early one morning to find that all 8 thousand lupin plants had grown twisted almost over night..... upon days of investigation it was found by the watercompany that there was some sorta bug in the water supply which had affected them, but by then it was to late and we had to empty 8 thousand lupin plants onto the dump heap......

Debs said…
I need to clean out my old flower bed and get it ready for something. Not sure what yet.
Karmyn R said…
Yeah!!! I felt the same way this week when we discovered the native columbine had reseeded itself.
Swampy said…
What makes me joyful today ?
That I woke up !
(It's always interesting to see what the word verification is, and if it has any significance at all...today's WV is:
dumbani...Dumb Bunny ?

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