Hard Headed Woman, et al

Elvis lovers will recognize that song.  Many others songs in his repertoire came to mind yesterday when Willowtree (of the infamous A Dingo) was chatting with me on Facebook.  He informed me (and provided a news link) that The King’s personal physician wrote a book with a disturbing revelation:  Presley died from chronic constipation.  If you don’t believe me – google it.

Then, WT and I changed a few words in his long list of performed songs.  You know, to go with the constipation theme.  I laughed. But I sure felt sorry for the legend.    GI Blues.  Elvis,  March, 1960.

The birds are going through two tubes of sunflower seed daily.  (I don’t know what to do about the Starlings!)

When I hurried out to feed them this morning there were hot air balloons over the housetops.  Its the “festival’ weekend.

I Believe in the Man in the Sky.   Elvis. October 1960.

Also greeting me was the cold white blanket of a May 7 frost.  I forgot to check the forecast last night so my Begonias (and Fuchsias) were exposed.  These are the ones that spent the winter in the garage.  I followed the directions from the experts.  Dried out the tubers, then planted them in February.  The guest bedroom became the “greenhouse.’  Lesson learned, I guess.   I will probably be in the market now for replacements.  Sniff.
Spring Fever.  Elvis.  June, 1964

This Osprey is a regular on my walks this spring.  Several years ago a pair showed up at the creek and small lake two miles from my house. (My favorite walking path) The Audubon group, with whom I bird, are pleased with the Ospreys return.

In my own backyard are Gold finch, House Finch, Cassins Finch, Pine Siskin, Crows, Magpies, Robins, Flickers, Chickadee, Nuthatch, Starling, House Sparrow, Song Sparrow, Downy Woodpecker, and this week the beautiful Lazuli Bunting.  One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater.  Elvis. 1958.

This storm chased me on Wednesday.  I drove 30 miles with this fast moving squall on my tail.  I stopped at the top of nine mile hill and took this picture.  When I was delayed at my last stop in town it caught up with me.  The hail lasted at least 15 minutes.  I needed a snow scraper to clean my windows for the last 2 miles home.  Click on the photo to see the huge windmills in the distance under the dark monster.

When it Rains, It Really Pours.  Elvis, November, 1955

The contents of my medicine cabinet remind me of the days when I thought I would never grow old.   In the past 12 months there have been so many reminders that life is short and tenuous.  For instance, the daily handful of pills that help me maintain.  One of those was just added this week to see if it will suppress the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  I have been very proactive with this diagnoses for twelve years.  My efforts have not been enough the past four months.  Now I just need to get past this Zombie status.
Until It’s Time For You to Go.  Elvis.  January 1971

My watercolor paraphernalia is spread all over the family room. (I envy those people with craft rooms.)  The school district has been calling me more often to substitute.  I’m still helping my Sis-in-law and Great Auntie Fern with their needs. (But, that has been less stressful with them living in a retirement home.)   Being a Court Appointed Special Advocate requires time and energy, too.  The volunteer work is much harder than I expected.  In March I was called to testify in court…and the prosecuting attorney had not forewarned me.    The ‘bad’ thing was that I was surprised and unprepared.  The ‘good’ thing was that I didn’t waste hours and hours fretting and worrying.

And, I haven’t been blogging much….But I’m not quitting.  Nope. Not.  Says the Hard Headed Woman.   Elvis.  March, 1958,


Kim said…
This post made me smile. It sounds like your life is full and busy. It's good to hear from you here.
Kila said…
Enjoyed your post.

WT is so full of... information ;)

Yes, sometimes not having time to prepare is a good thing. I'm really good at worrying and stressing.

Sorry about the Fibro bothering you. Some time in the warm south might ease the aches and pains :)
Hi Pamela, I hope you are creating some masterpieces in the living room!
Ah, it sucks to get old and be put on the medication wagon..but it might be better than the alternative..not much but perhaps a little.

I had not heard of Elvis being full of poop..guess he need more fiber..

I enjoyed your photos, you have some birds that I have never seen here..Lazuli Bunting..I will look it up but it already sounds beautiful.
Happy Mothers Day! :)
Shelby said…
I liked this. :)
Donna said…
Fun post Pamela! And you're a sweetheart for helping SIL and Auntie Fern...
Happy weekend!
laurie said…
this post was delightful for about a zillion reasons! love the sky picture, and the osprey. laughed at the elvis songs (i had heard that news, too, eeeuw), and empathize about the fast-disappearing seeds (though i wonder if squirrels are to blame?)

i had not known about your fibromyalgia. i did a story once on a woman who suffered from it, and i feel for you deeply.
Debs said…
I enjoyed your post. You always have wonderful pictures. I love the Elvis songs that went along with them.

Well Elvis and WT have one thing in common...they both full of...well you know. :P
Janis said…
That is gross about Elvis...if it really is true. Your a busy woman...thanks for the update. Love the photos. Happy Mothers Day!
grammy said…
Loved the humer
loved the reference to Elvis songs
forgot about Purple People eater...
I will have to google that for the kids
Hope you get control of that pesky fibromyalgia
hate to think of you feeling bad
get better and keep blogging (o:
12ontheinside said…
I read that constipation story myself yesterday - made me giggle. Man, he must have really had the shits with it himself.
Peter said…
Between you and WT we are becoming so well informed Pamela, thanks!!!
foam said…
love the elvis references and how they relate to your post.

hope the meds help keep the fibromyalgia at bay!

and i like hearing that you have art supplies spread out all over your living space .. way to go!
Hayden said…
sounds like the King ate one too many grilled bacon and peanut butter sandwiches (on wonder bread, natch!).

How lucky to be accompanied by an osprey! More regal than the King..

you've kept the fibro prob pretty quiet - even more amazing to think of how busy you are, and yet fighting that! I wish you strength & health...

we've had storms pretty non-stop last two days. Yesterday the lightning and thunder cracking simultaneously, sounded like hitting the barn across the drive. First time I ran around and unplugged everything! But no hail...
willowtree said…
Nice song references, but obviously I prefer our butt related titles.
Sayre said…
I finally got over here... great post!!! Love the storm picture!

So what are you doing for the fibromyalgia? My aunt has it and nothing seems to help her much.
Coffeypot said…
I guess that is why Elvis was so big at the end...he was full of shit.
bermudabluez said…
Great post Pamela! I sure can relate to your Fibro problems...as I suffer from it too. As much as we try to ignore it...it is difficult...at best. I have similar storm pics that I'm posting for tomorrow. You sound very busy!! Have a Happy Mother's Day!!
The Church Lady said…
Ha ha. Thanks for the update, Pamela. Now, you have me singing Elvis songs!

BTW, great photo of the osprey!
lisaschaos said…
WOw, I'm surprised you have any time for us, your life sounds very full!

Seems I've heard this about Elvis before, scary to think that you could die from not pooping, lol.

You did great mixing the songs with your life. I hope your bulbs make it through and your birds keep coming back. And next time you're driving I hope you don't have a storm following you.
Susie said…
Elvis is taking on a whole new meaning for me now. I'm glad life is going well for you as told in this very fun post!
Intense Guy said…
Lawdy, Miss Clawdy! or are you Petunia The Gardener's Daughter? What A Wonderful Life you have, its What Every Woman Lives For! What Now, What Next, Where To?

GI Blues, indeed... LOL!

(Gosh just how many songs did Elvis sing anyway?)

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