Walking to Music

Today, I walk earlier than usual and experience a slight bit of unease. For the first 30 minutes I see only two other people
There have been rare reports of cougar and bear along the creek – the knowledge of which makes me very aware of my isolation.

When I turn back, I begin to meet more people, the majority of whom are wearing MP3s and IPods.
We smile in greeting and I say “good morning.” Of course they do not hear me. Nor did they hear any of the bears or cougars that snuck up on them from my earlier flight of imagination.

Unaware of the obbligato springing forth from the heavy underbrush, they miss the evasive fluttering of a Bewick's Wren. I watch it pause from its busyness and I sigh as it tilts its head back to sing with enthusiasm. How can such a loud trill emanate from so tiny a creature?

They do not discern the performance of the wind symphony.

Sometimes it plays a legato breeze in the bending trees.
Oher times a gust engages the leaves in a staccato attended tag around my feet.

When the cranky Canadian Goose tunes up his honker, they don’t notice. And they ignore the accompanying drumming of the water that cascades over the berms.

A Kingfisher's frenzied capriccio is most likely drowned out by their nano speakers. His irritated complaint draws my
attention to the object of his rebuke –
the blue heron. (I felt the same when the long-legged thief feasted in our fish pond.)

As my car comes into view, the distinct timbre of raindrops begins a pleasant rhythm that hasten my steps.

When the crescendo suddenly swells, I laugh as a drenching concert falls from the sky.
Those other walkers may have been deaf to the quiet compositions around them … but I suspect they hear Mother Nature now!


willowtree said…
That's sum mitey purty writin.
Steve Skinner said…
I my professional life as a forester, it was always great fun to walk along a stream and hear the sounds of the water rushing over the rocks. It was truly symphonic!
Janis said…
What a peaceful beautiful walk that must have been. You describe it so beautifully.
Junebug said…
It is so enjoyable to read your lovely writing.
Diane said…
What a beautiful way of describing the sounds of nature!
beautiful... you have captured a wonderful moment.
grammy said…
Very nice post. I don't walk near nature...darn, but when we are in the mountains I am afraid to walk to far alone. I am sure i look like an easy kill when I start limping towards the end of a long walk (o:
The cheese cake was wonderful. Now that I think of it I didn't check to see if any kids were eating it. My DIL is a great cook and likes to step away from the 'traditional' cake. Sometimes i bought the character cakes that were full of food coloring and sugar. Never thought a thing of it and the kids were happy (o:
Lil Mouse said…
I love just listening to what nature has to offer.
Shelby said…
awwwwww the beautiful sounds of nature. perfect orchestration.
Karmyn R said…
I guess that is a good reason for me not to envy all those i-pod people.
lisaschaos said…
What a way to reach them! I never understand who/why they would walk in the nature and not hear the nature. :( I love listening to all the sounds! Sounds like you have your priorities straight. :)
I don't wear mine while walking either..too afraid I will hear a bear or a bobcat..or some idiot will come barreling down the road right at me..at least I want to try and escape.
I am in agreement..well written even though you used some highly technical musical words..:)
DesLily said…
love the photo of the kingfisher and heron!! way to go getting the big and the small in one shot!!!!
Susan said…
That's my kind of music!

My daughter gave me her old MP3 player to use for walking. I can't stand to miss out on the sounds of the world. (I also can't wear it around the house because of what happened to the girl in The Terminator)
Kila said…
Sounds like a beautiful walk.
Intense Guy said…

Its nice to see someone else think that the iPod needs to be left unplugged on occassion.

PEA said…
A bear following a jogger who is listening to his iPod...I've seen that very thing happen!! A few years ago I was driving along a side road and noticed a jogger and not far behind him, a mama bear and her two cubs!! I braked, backed up and put down my window to tell the guy to look behind him....he just about panicked! lol I wonder if he still uses his iPod when he jogs these days. hehe I'd so much rather listen to the sounds of nature like you do than listen to loud music in my ears when I'm walking. xoxo
Vicki said…
your song is better than mine. =) I listen to audio books when I walk because if I don't keep my mind focused on something else I will convince myself I don't have time to be doing this and go back home. ha!
Peter said…
There is a time and place for iPods, its set on an alarm clock to go to sleep by your choice of music, not on a nature walk!!!
Gaynor said…
Oh I love this post Pat. I was there with you, you were so descriptive. Didn't quite see the bear, what a shame! I love imagination. Have a great day.
Love, Gaynor xx
Jettie said…
Aah to look threw your eyes at takin a walk makes me wanna go for one right now!! But I would have a few kids in toe...so there'd be some noise at that!!
ChrisB said…
I've never understood the need to be glued to an ipod or mp3 player. So much better to enjoy the sight and the sounds of nature. Great post Pamela.
laurie said…
what a lovely, loevly walk. i never use an ipod when i walk. i love to be aware of the world around me. (no cougars, though, in the city.)
Hayden said…

the ipod-ers annoy me where-ever they walk (and yeah, I got one too.) In cities they are are as oblivious to courtesy as are the cell phone talkers. In the country at least they are the ones missing out and they rarely actively annoy me on a trail.

our culture's isolation seems to be increasing. we surround ourselves in "pods" of our choosing and block out the world. Not healthy for us, not healthy for the world. Our lack of connection enables us to behave carelessly.

wendy said…
I really loved your description of your walk. And the contrast of the way it plays across your senses and the way it is ignored by the other walkers.

Great great great ending!

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