Ari, from Beyond My Slab, is the hostess of this week's Fun Monday, and has chosen a topic that gives me immense pleasure:  Old Things.

Other than dust, I have nothing in my house more weathered and aged than Augusta's photo album.  I wrote about my great grandmother  (Augusta, Grace, Evelyn, Me) this summer. She was born in 1855 and died in 1937.    
I can only guess when she acquired it. I like to think that she was a young teen when she chose to include a photo of the late President Lincoln.  Some other printed photos may be of other famous people of that era.

My glasses give you an idea of the album's dimensions.

The leather binding is embossed.  It is in dire need of gentle repair. 

I have no idea how much that will cost.

Note the interesting clasp.  The other one is in worse condition.

Do you want to see the inside?

Below are tin types of Augusta, her first husband Chester, and her father - my great great grandfather Norman, 1821-1903.  Normans photo is terribly scratched and tarnished.
There are tin types of her babies , of her mother,  and of her brother and his wife and child.

I am careful not to allow the tin types much exposure to light.  They really need to be 
professionally restored.  I hope that I find the money and the service before passing them on
to my daughters.

Apparently, Grandmother Grace took possession of it when her mother died.  She kept it in a chest of drawers and would bring it out on occasion to share with relatives.  My eldest brother remembers back in the fifties, sitting next to her while she pointed at and talked about each person.  Grace was 99 years old when she died in 1978.

When Birdie, Grace's eldest daughter, died in 1993, my cousin called and offered the album to me.  I was very thankful for her generosity. What I didn't know at the time is that my cousin was gravely ill and seeking preservation of our family's historical treasure.

A little white envelope containing two more tin types remains folded inside the cover - likely placed there by Grace.  One of the photos is her husbands parents: my great grandfather and grandmother, George and Bernetta.  For sure it was taken before 1863 - the year George died of typhoid fever while a soldier in the Civil War.
* * * * * * * * *

And then there is this --
something that came into our
possession this week:
my husbands Great Grandfather's (Papa George)  "fiddle."

This is a different George then mentioned above. (1873-1966)

He played a lively tune in the early 1900s, and was well known in the thriving community of Touchet, Washington. 
It looks like I'm going to have to do some detective work and find out more about Papa George...AND his violin.  I also must find an honored position on the wall for its display.

Join me and other's linking at Ari's Slab!  Find out what's new in old stuff.


karisma said…
Wow Pamela, they both look like real treasures! Just beautiful!
Carla said…
What absolute treasures! I have some very old photos, but no fancy album like that. Very nice.
bermudabluez said…
Priceless treasures indeed! I have been going through some of my mom's stuff but haven't stumbled upon anything like that .... yet! That album is precious!
Merle said…
Hi Pamela ~~ What a wonderful old
keepsake to be treasured forever.
It looks beautiful and in good condition. And the fiddle is another
although I prefer the photo album.
Glad you enjoyed the Happy Butt joke,
and hope your friends like it too.
Take care, Love, Merle.
wendishness said…
Stunning, such great heirlooms both of them. Now I understand why you were interested in hearing more about my great grandmother, the stories from different generations are quite intriguing aren't they!

I love to hear how people lived in different eras, I recently learned a bit more about my grandfather but in learning more about his work life, it gave me more of an idea of the earlier generations and what conditions they worked in.

I hope you'll share what you learn about 'Papa George'. I must look for more on your great grandmother now :)
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful bit of history. I hope you can preserve it and pass it on.
Cathy M said…
Such treasures. What a nice family history.
Janis said…
Now those are some old pieces...they are something to treasure n preserve. I think its great that you know so much of your families history..this is one thing I wish of mine...I don't really know that much about them..just bits n pieces. You Aunt picked the right person to hand down the family treasures Pam, You will make sure they are taken care of and passed on to the next generation.
Anonymous said…
The violin is lovely. Being a violinist myself, I appreciate the photo of it. When was it last played?
Intense Guy said…
Those are real treasures - I hope you do not have much difficulting getting the photo album "restored".

I had my Great-grandmother's rolltop desk restored - nearly 15 years ago - and it cost more than a new one would have - but it was well worth it - I'd never let it go.
ChrisB said…
Pamela what wonder family treasures. It's so important to make sure that family history is passed on. I wish I knew more about our family. My mother is a bit hazy on details, so sadly I've not been able to write much for my girls.
Ari_1965 said…
What a wonderful album to have. Thank you for showing it.
lisaschaos said…
I think it's wonderful that you have so much of your history! My mom has a lot of ours and I love perusing it. I have been passing my things on to my children now, hoping that a piece of me will be left behind.
Sayre said…
Oh, my! That little photo album is really something! What an amazing heirloom you have to pass down.
Steve Skinner said…
The tin types are really neat! I wish that some had survived from my family.
foam said…
what a beautiful book! the tin types are priceless, indeed.
i'm always afraid to find tin types from my family hanging in a Cracker Barrel somewhere. (don't know if ya'll have cracker barrels up there or not)
I love your treasures!!

And I love it more when you write about your family!!
PEA said…
Oh, Pam, what treasured items to cherish and preserve!! I have never seen a photo album like that and how exciting it must have been to see it for the first time and look at all the photos inside, printed and tin types. Also love the need to do a post whenever you find out more about Papa George!! xoxo
LadyStyx said…
Some beautiful family treasures there.
Gattina said…
Wow, that's really interesting. As I am burning in the sun, I couldn't think of old things in my house, but I saw enough in Cairo.
We have a lot of fun, the Egyptians are such nice and friendly people, always in good mood and making fun.
Kathleen Marie said…
You do have some gorgeous treasurers there... Fabulous!
Kila said…
Wow, priceless indeed!
Susie Q said…
Oh Pamela...these are such treasures. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I would love to see more about Papa George! That fiddle is wonderful!
And the stoire that go with your pictures are as priceless as the pictures themselves!
Peter said…
I don't have anything older (or more valuable) than me at my house!!!!
dawn said…
Wow, those are amazing. I thought I was doing well to have some items that are 50 years old. Thanks for sharing and happy hunting for info.
grac said…
I agree, those are treasures. Hope you are doing good Pam
MarmiteToasty said…
They truely are priceless treasure.....

wendy said…
SUPER cool post!!!

History is pretty dang cool. Especially when it's our own.

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