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Wendishness has asked us to share our thanks for this week's Fun Monday fare.   My contribution is a copy of my daily note of thankfulness to which I committed on Facebook.   

11-23-09   So thankful for infrastructure! Every Monday morning our garbage and recyclables are removed from the street by some sanitation workers. And I'm thankful that my recycle grew this year while the garbage decreased.
11-22-09     found it easy to be thankful this morning. ----Yesterday we stood in line at the theater to attend "The Blind Side." I also just read the book "The Glass Castle." Both true stories of children surviving adversity. I'm thankful that I had a childhood. Mine wasn't perfect, but it was blessed.
11-21-09   needs to be thankful for more things. Julie  had a "favorite quote" contest on her blog and one of the winners was: What if God decided to take away the things you forgot to thank him for? I sit here and gaze a 360 around this room and see so many blessings. Television, radio, internet, telephone. I'm thankful for her reminder.
11-20-09  Having a tough time being thankful this morning. But I am. I am thankful for places that are available for those who need extra help. I'm thankful for the people who work there. I'm thankful for their grace and mercy. Their willingness to be servants.
11-19-09   I'm thankful that I had (for the most part) teachers who were dedicated to teaching ME! ... and didn't accept less from my learning. Thank you Mrs. Syphers, Miss Goodman, Mr. Weir, Mr. Miller, Mr. Libby, Mr. McCorkle. Oh yeah, there are a few more out there. But these were the ones that came to mind today when I did some substitute tutoring.
11-18-09   is thankful today for fireplaces, gas furnaces, snuggly blankets, and hot oatmeal.
11-16-09  I'm thankful for old friends. It's as though time and space have no power when you talk to one. Our lives have moved on and our paths cross rarely. But we begin our conversation as if it was only yesterday we last spoke.
11-15-09  I'm thankful for grandchildren. Last night six-year old Buttercup called to inform us that she lost both front teeth in less than 24 hours. (She didn't mention that one of the lose teeth was encouraged by her almost 18 mo old baby brother. He bonked her with a flashlight)
11-14-09  Thankful for medicine. I'd be more thankful if I didn't need to take them. But praise God that there scientists who search creation for cures, the pharmaceuticals who fund the production, and for every one in between who makes it possible for them to sit in my medicine cabinet.
11-13-09  thankful for farmers, and truckers, and grocery stores, oh my! (and.. coffee. Today I'm sampling my first cup of Dunkin Donuts Coffee.)
11-12-09  Today I am thankful for (some semblance of) sound mind and body.
11-11-09  Today I am thankful for veterans, and for those currently 'serving.' A big T H A N K Y O U to all of you who have and are. Is it too late for some of us other "mature" folks to serve? Just a thought this morning as my "veteran" husband has the day off in his honor.
11-10-09  Thankful for Autumn. Tho, sad to feel the sharp and serrated wind slam summer's door, slash my blooming friends and rip naked the tall Maple. It, and the retreating sun , sent the feathers migrating for longer days. 'For everything there is a season.' Quiet. Rest. Cold fingers wrap my favorite coffee cup and I'm at peace. (#2 on my Thankfuls until Nov 25)
11-09-09  Taking up the Thankful Challenge from my friend Sayre Smiles, who says: 
"Every day this month until Thanksgiving,think of one thing that you are thankful for and post it as your status. "Today I am thankful for..." I challenge all my friends to post what they are thankful for today."
Today I am thankful for my husband - and every day for thirty-three years~
(I promise you WILL be thankful for reading all the entries this week.  What a great choice for todays subject!  So link over for thankfulness at Wendishness!)


wendishness said…
Pamela, these are great things to be thankful for, I've seen a couple of friends do the same thing on Facebook but I didn't realise what was going on till they'd been doing it for a while.

Thanks for playing :)
Intense Guy said…
What a marvelous way to express yourself!

A little bit every day too - that helps take the sting out of the daily frustrations and troubles.

:) Thank you.
karisma said…
Thank you for being so thankful for everything! Wow! You sure covered a lot of stuff there! I have also been enjoying Sayre's idea of thankfulness everyday. I meant to join in but as usual keep forgetting to go and update my status! Hopeless I know! LOL
Janis said…
Wow that is quite the list...I think you covered just about everything I didn't think of. Life is a series of blessings and isn't it nice to recognize them. Thanks for sharing Pamela and Happy Thanksgiving to you n yours.
Steve Skinner said…
I especially like the entry on 11/21/09! Oh boy, would I be missing a lot. Thanks for the reminder.
grammy said…
Great list of things to be thankful for. Have a great Thanksgiving day.
Faye said…
And here I thought Evan's Mom had such an original idea to list the things she was thankful for in just an hour. How revealing that is--especially those days when we feel knocked around a bit. When I get in one of my poor in spirit moods need to do your daily list. And you're right--it doesn't have to be a biggie like world peace it can be something as simple as enjoying a good cup of coffee. By the way, how was Dunkin' Donut coffee? I've been tempted, but thought that would probably need the chocolate donut to go along for a truly accurate test. :-)

I'm so shocked to be able to get in your comments feel like I should comment on previous posts as well! "Leaving" captured some of the melancholy of autumn. And I understand how you feel about taking care of family members when it's only going to be a temporary solution. I enjoyed reading about your old family album. What a treasure. I have only one photo of my grandfather whom I admire a lot. I study his face and think about the man he may have been since I never knew him.

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is just the way you like it, Pamela.
wendy said…
Wow. 11-21 was especially good. I'd hate it if God took away the blessings I hadn't thanked Him for.

Buttercups teeth knocked me out! hee hee hee
Gattina said…
Nice list, lol ! especially the garbadge and the grandchildren. Gives me an idea I haven't thought about garbadge writing ! I am very unthankful about automn ! What a lousy weather !
Lil Mouse said…
good things to be thankful for
Swampy said…
I've enjoyed reading these on FB.
If I had to list only ONE thing I'm thankful for, it would be my health.
Without it, I couldn't enjoy much else.
May you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Sayre said…
Hey, Pamela - I got that idea from someone else (thought I can't remember who at the moment) and it seemed like such a good one, I had to pass it on. It has been interesting to see what people are thankful for and interesting to discover my own thankfulness during an especially trying time. The challenge ends on Thanksgiving, but I think I will continue on my own everyday because it's given my life such a lift!
Kila said…
Much to be thankful for. :)
storyteller said…
I love gratitude posts and your list is wonderful. I haven't participated in Fun Monday for a LONG time, but I have kept a daily gratitude list all year in the sidebar at Small Reflections and I've shared 13 Things I'm Grateful for at Sacred Ruminations this morning. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
and i'm thankful for friends like you ... and the lexulous games to play them with.




well, you get the idea.
ChrisB said…
I'm almost a week late but didn't get much time for blogs while I was a way. This is such a great way to give thanks.
Marti said…
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!
laurie said…
so excellent. i've been happy to see the garbage diminishing and the recycling pile grow, too.
lisaschaos said…
It seems you found many things to be thankful for! I found a site showing a homemade thankful notebook and I think I'll do one this coming year, to help remind myself of all the good often over looked. I too have been thrilled to see our recycle grow and trash decrease!
Peter said…
I'm thankful that I have internet access here at Vicki and Rex's so that I can catch up a little with blogger.

Gattina should have got this WV "gating"

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