Late last night I curled up on the love seat and watched the weather channel's tornado chasing marathon.  The closing credits ran every half hour; then, the next episode would begin.  Midnight arrived and yet I remained fixated.   I so want to be a storm chaser. 


The next thing I knew it was 4:30 and the cat was waking me with a yowling complaint.  I got up, turned off the TV, and opened the patio door before grabbing the warm afghan and snuggling back down in my chair.  I slept there until 8:30.   In my turtle neck and jeans.


This odd confession is brought to you by Gattina - Writers Cramps, the host for today's Fun Monday.


She is curious about our usual Sunday morning attire.


Last night's lead in to this morning was just a fluke. I am the quintessential flannel pajama girl. 


Most Sunday morning you'll find me searching for my glasses, the newspaper, and my coffee mug.  I do know, however,  where my PJ's are --because I'm wearing them.


I can remember wearing little lace-edged flannel sets as a child. I wore them until the lace began to disintegrate and the buttons popped.  And then I wore them more.


My attachment to my PJ's hasn't altered as I've aged.  I wear them until they fall right into the rag bin.



Here is a photo taken of me and granddaughters Buttercup and Curlymop when they were little tykes. 

All three of us were in our warm flannels on Christmas morning.  (No glasses, though.)

Growing up, I ALWAYS got  new pajamas on Christmas eve. 

Maybe this year?



If you have a Sunday morning lounging tradition  - wear them  over to Writer's Cramps and shake them loose on Mr. Linky.


cynicalgirl57 said…
Flannel pajamas are cozy on a cold morning. But I'm not ready for cold yet!
Gattina said…
Hehehe ! I too look ALWAYS for my glasses which is complicated because without them I don't see, I am like a mole ! It's so cosy to be in a flanel pyjama on Christmas. In Germany we celebrate on Christmas Eve and of course you have to be dressed up like for a fashion show. At least it was like that all my life. The gifts were opened on the 24th evening.
DesLily said…
I always loved flannel pj's.. but guess I won't be needing them anymore.. I hope you get a new pair for christmas!!!
Shelby said…
flannel pjs are THE coziest.. warmest most comfortablest bestest ever!
Kim said…
My kids always get new pajamas on Christmas Eve. I love that.
Sandy said…
We always used to get new jammies for Christmas, also. I'm not sure but it could be the year to resurrect that tradition.
Janis said…
Love your post title Pamela. I used to wear flannel pj's as a kid and young adult.. but after the big "M" I cannot stand to wear anything but my birthday suit to bed.
grammy said…
I hate PJs, However I love the 'Pajamela'. I have to write a story for my girlies about their Grammy Pajammy (o:
I wear a small tight light weight T-shirt to bed. Can't stand all the extras. I never wear a robe or PJs around the house....not even sick. I think it must be my mothers fault. We had to get dressed the minute we woke up. When I go to my Granddaughters house on a Saturday and it is noon and everyone still has on PJs and bed head...I cringe. But then I shake it off and and just wallow in another families tradition...and hug and kiss them till I am drunk on their sweet morning smell. How poetic i am...I should have used that in a post (o:
wendishness said…
I'd love to be able to wear flannel pyjamas but as I've grown the feeling of flannel feels horrible to me. Luckily I don't live anywhere cold enough to need them. As a child I remembered wearing them in winter.
Jenni said…
I recently had to throw away my favorite pair of flannel pajama pants (the ones which can be seen in the mirror in the photos of the bathroom paint job). Danny had been telling me they were getting ratty and pitiful, but they were so comfy. The little pocket on front had long been rendered useless by a large hole, but it was more of a decorative pocket anyway. The small hole in the crotch wasn't really visible. Sure the fabric was getting thin, but I figured they had another winter's worth of wear in them. Then I sat down on the middle of the couch and sunk into the crack between the cushions. The fabric was too thin and there just was not enough give room to withstand the pressure. Riiiiip! Danny about fell out of his chair laughing. When I got up, the hole was quite large, but just to make sure I wouldn't try to stitch them up and keep wearing them, Danny grabbed hold and ripped the backside out completely. I'd better get a new pair in my stocking this Christmas, and some little lacy number from Victoria's Secret just will not do. I need something that will go with my SmartWool socks!
heather said…
The great thing about working from home--I can wear pjs until about 3:30 or 4:00, when it's time to start teaching flute and piano lessons.
Sayre said…
I had one of my mom's cast-off flannel granny gowns when I was growing up. I wore it until it literally fell apart.

I favor thin cotton these days, but I'd love another flannel granny gown for winter!
I got a new pair every year for Christmas too, I loved the warm flannel nightgowns! I wore them until they wore out and were no longer decent. Now a days I like cotton gowns..and some nights they are still too warm. I enjoyed your Pajamela story:)
The Church Lady said…
I too have a pair of flannel pj's. My kids have flannel sheets! I don't think I could wear flannel pj's and have flannel sheets, unless I didn't want to move all night long! Happy FM to you!
bermudabluez said…
Your post reminds me of my childhood....when all of us were around the tree in our new christmas flannel pajamas! Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories!
kailani said…
I wish it was cold enough here to wear flannel. It's usually just a tank top and shorts for me. :-)
Swampy said…
Flannel and wardrobe year round !
My favorite flannel is from The Vermont Country Store, Lanz Tyrolean Flannel Gown, #42364, Red !
Also, my tradition to give my girls new pj's on Christmas Eve.
The above was my choice last year. they grumbled about looking like Laura Ingalls Wilder on Little House on the Prairie.
Intense Guy said…

Flannel pajamas are so comfy! I guess they could even be the uniform of choice for a storm chaser - along with a thermos of some piping hot coffee with a mug of soup to go.

I don't think Mr. Cat will want to be a storm chaser though...
ChrisB said…
Oh so cosy and just right for chilly winter days. I see you are hiding behind the children!
Merle said…
Dear Pamela ~~ Cosy PJs sound nice.
I like long nightgowns, summer and winter.
Why did you have to ask me that difficult question? "How did they get the donkey to pose in that hole?"
I wouldn't have a clue, unless they just shoved it in. I like the gloating pic after the farmer died.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.
nikki said…
I'm a sweat pants, ratty t-shirt kind of a girl. My husband really wishes I wasn't.

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