Fall Synopsis

IMG_8936 We went to grandparents day at Curlymop's School. 

Our daughter mentioned that schools smell the same no matter where you go.

Why is that?


This is what happens when Grandma buys special treats for breakfast

Being a grandmother gives you license to forget that Halloween decorated do-nuts are not  good for you or on you.

The frosting stained.
crop A group of Annas hummingbirds visited the valley the last week of September.  They aren't supposed to be here.  Ever!

This photo and my last sighting was October 1.

Here is elGee, the cat.  (And Lucky, the mouse) 

I swear that cat is color blind.  The mouse got away.

In the last two days we've had  8 others, however,  that met their maker. They were in MY KITCHEN! 



(I hope it wasn't Bianca or Bernard.)

Speaking of heroes . . . .

Another photo of
The Super Siblings from California, who picked out names to match their alter egos. 

I only remember the moniker chosen for the 2 year old.  
 Pinkum Dinkum.

Every little boy needs an older sister and dress-up clothes.


Yesterday, while maneuvering to my car in the grocery parking lot, I was nearly run over. 

When the car suddenly backed towards me I froze.  In the same instant, my mind saw the bold headlines in the local newspaper. 

        La La-year old woman smashed with her bananas. 

That gave me the boost of energy needed to move it.  None of their $!%#  business how old I am.


I pulled out the carpet shampoo-er and did some overdue cleaning this week. It spit out quite a few hair balls.

This confirms that my regular vacuum cleaner is on it's last legs.  I knew it wasn't picking up things from the floor as it should.  But I had no idea it wasn't dealing with the cat hair.  That sucks!  Well, it doesn't suck.  But it really does suck.  ( Oh heck... you know what I mean!)

One of the last photos I shot before the frost.

My begonias are now at rest in the garage... drying out.  Hopes for their return next spring.

You'll note the net was already on the pond.  The Great Blue Heron returned to his favorite fishing ground and ate a third of them before we were aware.  Including the largest one.

Mr. Heron also scared the livin daylights out of the cat.  Look at her.  What a weenie.

We're gearing up for winter here.  The Farmer's Almanac predicts it will be cool, with average precipitation.  I can handle that.


willowtree said…
You need a break.
Mercy's Maid said…
Will you adopt me? You seem like such a fun grandma!
Desert Songbird said…
Hehe. My kids have been fervently watching the egrets and herons feasting on the fish in our community lake/pond. With the break in the weather (except for a brief hot spell over the weekend), the fish come up to the surface more. Those egrets and herons are going to be getting pretty fat.

Unfortunately, the cooler weather also brought back our most dreaded "tourists" - Canada geese. Ugh. Those things poop like crazy!
12ontheinside said…
I've had a few little mousie visitors over my way too this week. Luckily my little Ned catches them and leaves them for me as presents on the doorstep. I should add, Ned is a cat, so that is not odd behaviour from him at all.
ahhhhhh, yes .. grandparents day .. we have that here too. my kids were both fortunate to have both grandmamas that could attend.

8 mice in the kitchen? you kidding? lol and yikes!

well, i do have to say that i'm mighty glad you didn't get squished between a car and your bananas. you are right. the headlines wouldn't have bee pretty.

foam ........ :)
Kim said…
Dress up clothes today make me want to regress to the age of about five. For a day. If you'll be my grandma.

A lady actually backed into me in a parking lot once. Luckily, I was quick enough to get beside the basket, which kept her from crushing me with her bumper. She drove off never knowing she almost squished me.
lisaschaos said…
I'm glad our kids grant us the privilege of staining our grandkids with frostings. :) Really? Anna Hummingbirds! Lucky you!

You crack me up! Only worried about being run over if it means people will know your age. lol

I'm really not ready to let go of summer/fall, but I guess it's time. sigh.
grammy said…
I have done the bad snack Grandma thing (o:
How did you manage to get a mouse's picture. Hey that could be a book.."If you take a mouse's picture...fill in the blank. (You know, like 'If You Give A Mouse a Cookie'.
I think it could be a bad winter.
Goodbye Happy Heron (o:
karisma said…
Classrooms tend to smell like dirty school bags- stale mixture of old sandwhiches, mouldy bananas and smelly feet. Ewwww I don't miss that.

So glad you got out of the way in time!

Dress ups are always fun, no matter what age! Zak still dresses up all the time and sometimes we join him, LOL

Hugs and smoochies xxx
Sandy said…
This was like a lovely visit over a cup of coffee. Thank you.

It was the best break I had all day.
tlawwife said…
I've never really thought about a smell but I have always felt there was a feeling in the air in a school and I love it.

I can't wait to be a grandma and ignore all of the rules. My kids have been warned. I probably won't get any just for that.
Gattina said…
Being a grandma is a very nice job ! you can spoil the kids (which you didn't do with yours because of educative reasons) and then send them back to their parents !
I too this morning had a wonderful surprise in my kitchen. Cat Rosie (the little housewife) had ranged 4 toy mice around the water bowl and one real mouse swam in the water, dead of course !
Yes, yes our room tigers and their preys !
MarmiteToasty said…
oh what a loverly full post, it all made me smile this morning with me cuppa tea..

Karmyn R said…
Your "la la" lady made me laugh
Shelby said…
the la la lady made me laugh too.. :)

hey - I found this article.. is the Seattle library near you? read this link..http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/books/2010119887_writingworkshop23.html

might be fun..
Shelby said…
the la la lady made me laugh too.. :)

hey - I found this article.. is the Seattle library near you? read this link..http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/books/2010119887_writingworkshop23.html

might be fun..
Kila said…
Enjoyed this post :)

Hooray for Grandmas, and for newspaper headlines ;)
Oh yes, they will always publish your age..good thing you were spared:) Eight mice..that should have kept the kitty busy! I enjoyed the photo of the kids all dressed up..very cool! :)
wendy said…
So many funny little "bits" in that post. Loved it!

What do you do with your (remaining) fish in the pond? Leave them in for the winter, and just ... break the ice on the pond if it forms? That's what my friend in New Jersey does.

I busted out laughing when you said "La la years old ... it's no business of THEIRS how old I am!!!" HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Dang you are funny Pamela.

I love you!

C said…
My son and I were startled by a hummingbird that zoomed into our porch and loomed over us in a blur then took off. I literally gasped in fear because it was a blur - logic made me realize it was a hummingbird but not being able to readily see what it was it freaked both of us out. This was also in October and it was cool evening.
LadyStyx said…
Isnt it hateful tryin to figure out how to describe a vacuum that isnt working properly. So very confusing. It sucks that it don't suck. ~smiles~
Peter said…
Sidebar lookin' good Pamela, I have dust Buffaloes instead of dust Bunnies.
storyteller said…
What a full life you lead ;--)
As for cats and mice, a friend once told me about Ms Kitty (who used to catch BIRDS in my yard before I 'adopted' her) ... cats lose their 'edge' when you feed them regularly. Ms Kitty still WATCHES the birds, but doesn't catch them any more.
Hugs and blessings,
dawn said…
So true about schools all smelling the same. It must be the smell of kids and books with some marker thrown in. The ski rental shops all smell the same too, which isn't necessarily a good smell. The almanac was wrong about our summer so I am a little disgruntled with it now. I hope we have good precipitation and it is a bit milder than usual....hope is just as good as a prediction if not better.
Junebug said…
I almost got run over with my shopping cart in the parking lot recently. She did back into it. I screamed. Instead of backing the right direction, she backed out the opposite and came right at me. Really fast. We were ok, me and my shopping cart.

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