Sharp Axes

Another weekend on the road.  The sign said Welcome to Orofino, Idaho. It was the 62nd Logging Show and the Clearwater County Fair.

The time was well spent and the hours on the road were worth it.

My favorite competition was the Springboard Chop.  The contenders chop an unusual angle into a pole and push a pointed flat board into the cut.  They then climb onto the board, which bounces precariously like a diving board, and proceed to chop another place for another board until they reach the top.  Once there, they balance and chop off a smaller attached and secured log .

I also enjoyed watching the muscles flex and spasm as they were pushed to their maximum abilities throughout the day.  Some of these men participated in every contest.

This fellow was last in his time trial. ( They called each group a "flight.")  I was compelled to capture the moment;  exhausted, he turned and sat on his finished product while his chest heaved.

 None of these guys quit.  They finished the job even if they were the last one wielding an axe. And, the announcer reminded the crowd  to encouragement each participant who grew weary.  

Check out the leg muscles.  I didn't have batteries for video when it was time for the Mens Birling competition.

* * * * * *

(If you want to see my short video -  click the link to my Vimeo page.  Sorry -  I didn't include some of the lumberJills who were also throwing axes and sawing logs.)  

Orofino Lumberjack Days from pamela on Vimeo.


grammy said…
That looks like a fun weekend. I can't believe the muscles it take to do that kind of chopping.
"watching the muscles flex and spasm", hmmmmm is that something akin to watching the football players gather in the huddle to watch "their" backside muscles flex and spasm? (We had a friend, female, who liked that part of football.) Sounds like you had a great time and makes me sorry I couldn't see the action too. (Not the muscle flex and spasms but the contests.) Having worked in the woods a while myself I have a small feeling of what it takes to perform like that.
Intense Guy said…
I hands blistered just looking at the pictures.

These are rough and rugged men, that is for sure.
Janis said…
I love to watch log rolling, it takes a lot of skill and balance. Wood chopping is exhausting to say the least.
Beckie said…
I had a roommate in college that was from Orofino. I wonder if she was there.... :)
foam said…
i could handle watching muscles flex and spasm ..
Kila said…
Whew... my grandpa was a lumberjack for a time, and I think middle son would enjoy it.
Great video! Thanks for sharing, I always like the guys that chop with an axe between their feet..scary. I noticed an Ambulance in the background:)
Gattina said…
Oh my, I am already tired when I look at them ! Reminds me of my chatterbox of neighbor, a little fat man with muscles like pudding (no muscles flex and spasm, to watch) who tries to cut the trunk of his wheeping willow tree and is occupied since february ! Cat Arthur loves to watch his red face !
Peter said…
That certainly looks like hard work Pamela, I did a little wood cutting about 100 years ago when I was young and fit.
MarmiteToasty said…
oh what great fun..... my lad wants to move to America when he has finished college doing all those woodland things :) and become a logger or a Forest Manager..... I can just see him doing that chopping stuff up a pole... and then doing a back flip off the top LOL

karisma said…
I had to laugh when I saw them chopping. SB always runs for the big chain saw!
willowtree said…
I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok....

Come on, sing along!
lisaschaos said…
What a fun weekend! I could never do it! I imagine it takes lots of strength, being in shape and determination!
Karmyn R said…
maybe if I started chopping wood, I'd get rid of my arm flab.

(my w.v. was Floging).
ChrisB said…
That looks like heaps of fun, what a great video. They are so fit! ;)
heather said…
anyone bring their blue ox?
I wish I could have been there. My mother grew up in Orofino and I have written many posts about memories from that place. The last time we were there during Lumberjack Days was when they honored the former queens in the parade and Mom rode on a float. I still have family there and we are planning a cousin reunion this next summer.
LadyStyx said…
I love watching this type of sport.
Junebug said…
That was a great video, Pamela. I love events like this. I have only seen them in Branson.
Shelby said…
Oh this looks like a fabulous time!! fun fun fun :)
Merle said…
Hi Pamela ~~ Looks like a good fair
with plenty to see. The log chopping
would be good to see.
So you have heard a cat sing?
Take care, Love, Merle.
Susie Q said…
I think this would be incredibly cool to attend! I have watched like events on TV and am awed!
I apologize for being sich a rotten blog friend of late. At 53, and with a pre-teen around to run hither and yon, I am crazed! Okay, so i was crazed before too but now I have a reason! : )
I think of you often though and have been by to read and didn't leave a comment. (I know. BAD Sue)


LOL My word verification today is SUCKER!! Is that meant at me?? *Ha*
JoeinVegas said…
Are you going to enter next year? How did you do this year?
dawn said…
A wonderful video to show the events. I was worried for the guy's toes when he was doing the log under his feet. I guess they get used to missing the feet; or those ones aren't competing ;-) .
wendy said…
I used to do log rolLing in my back yard with no water.

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