Todays Headlines

Massive Ice Sheet Partial Cause of Missing Canadian Gravity
A mysterious dip in gravity over Northern Canada has long been a weighty topic for some scientists. Two theories have emerged to explain the strange phenomenon, but conclusive evidence has been elusive.

I'm moving and taking my bathroom scales.

Most-Wanted Part of $2M Estate: the Dog
A man who didn't have a will left a $2 million estate, but the most hotly contested item in court has been his golden retriever, Alex.
Royal, the dog's attorney, said he believes all four people (the man's Father, ex wife, ex girl friend, and fiancee) love Alex and would take good care of him, but they were using the fight for the dog to punish each other for past transgressions.

The Dog's attorney? Am I the only one who thinks that's Goofy?

Wis. farmer finds new calf has two noses
Mark Krombholz had to look twice at his new calf, Lucy (born May 4) _ one time for each nose. "I didn't notice anything too different about her until I got her in the barn," Krombholz said, "and all of a sudden I went to feed her a bottle of milk, and I thought maybe she'd been kicked in the nose and there were two noses there."
Sort of impressive. However, isn't Michael Jackson at least on number seven?
How Do You Go in Space
A tour of a space facility in the US apparently prompted Prince Philip to ask how astronauts deal with "natural functions" in space. So how exactly do they go to the toilet (or should that be the loo)?
On the shuttle, urine and faeces are carried away by rapid flow of air. On the International Space Station, the fundamental principle is similar. The fan-powered air-flow toilet system stores waste. Urine is sucked up and stored in 20 litre containers which are dumped into the Progress resupply craft. The ship is later ejected into the atmosphere, where it burns up

Burns up, huh? That's a lot of hot p**p.

Mysterious metal object not a meterorite
The mysterious metallic object that crashed through the roof of a central New Jersey family's home earlier this year was not a meteorite after all, geologists said Friday. It's still a mystery where the object came from.
I'm just saying........ maybe they didn't give Prince Philip all the details.
4 fish farm workers rescued from feces
This nasty rescue is no fish tale.
Rescuers cut through a filtration tank of dense fish feces to reach four workers who fell into the sludgy dung Friday while cleaning the 18-foot tank at a western Massachusetts farm.
Sludgy Dung!!!! I know it's a little early for "Talk Like a Pirate Day," but, now I can't wait to use that one on all you scallywags and chumbuckets.


DesLily said…
awww poor calf! 2 noses? poor baby!!! you sure get some interesting news out west! lol
Jeanette said…
wow you have some very ineresting news there the poor calf, the rescue ,
Claudia said…
did you have that banner yesterday?? I don't remember seeing it...I like it. And fish feces? what on earth???
Mert said…
I really like the Goofy one, that made me chuckle.:D

The last one seems kind of fishy to me.;)
Susan in va said…
First of all, I love the new masthead! It goes PERFECTLY with your title ;)



But what's this about Michael Jackson? Are you implying that he's
MarlaQuack said…
Just when you think you've seen it all...

Karmyn R said…
I'm just saying........ maybe they didn't give Prince Philip all the details. HA HA HAH AHAHHAHAHAH

and Dave wants to know - did you use flour?
BarnGoddess said…
the dog's attorney? omg. seriously!
BarnGoddess said…
ps. I also like the new masthead but...I also really like your other header too.
Beccy said…
Love your new heading and all your responses. Don't know which one made me laugh the most...probably 'maybe they didn't give Prince Philip all the details'.
Pamela said…
DesLily: One of those was from Joisy!

Jeanette: I'd rather have an extra set of eyes - How about you?

Claudia: Yeah ... working on the banner. fish feces makes great fertilizer I guess. But not a good swimming pool.

Mert: I wonder how the dog found him? Was there one of those little detach ads on the bulletin board at PetSmart?

Susan: Yeah. I'm implying he had surgery.How many? Who nose!

MarlaQ: Truth is ALWAYS stranger than fiction

Karmyn: Tell Dave it's real dust.

BarnGoddess: You should read the whole article. Those people should have just had the dog cloned for all the $ that attorney is going to take from the Estate.

Beccy: the best picture was with the two nosed calf. It looks like a pig snout.

So, I guess I'm keeping the new header
Kila said…
That last one, ewww. That should be on TLC's "Dirtiest Jobs" show, which my boys love.

Love your new masthead!
Kila said…
P.S. I bet having two noses made it a lot easier for that calf to drink from the bottle and breathe at the same time. She sure is a cutie.
Nan said…
ROFL at your first one! When my husband read this piece of news to me the other day I said exactly the same thing! :^D Great minds... and all that rot.
Hayden said…
toooooo funny! can't believe the farmer didn't notice the calves nose before he tried to give it a bottle!

last one reminds me of the W. C. Fields quote "I never drink water, don't you know fish f*ck in it?"
Kathleen Marie said…
Fish feces? Ugh! The dog's attorney will make a mint...interesting news!

You have been tagged for a meme by me. Hugs!
Peter said…
Now I'm gonna have to look at the news headlines in a different light, I think our news is usually a bit duller though.
Masago said…
Enjoyed, what a hoot! Well done.
Susie said…
Some seriously silly stuff here!!
Thanks for the laughs!!
wolfbaby said…
That was fun thanks for the giggles!!
theotherbear said…
Sludgy fish poo? Ugh!
angel said…
i love this kind of post! i seldom read or watch the news and this gives me a little glimpse into the world through a fellow blogger's eye!
Heather said…
Pam, you crack me up!
And you know you must be important cuz i had to wait 5 min for the comments to upload so that i could tell you that!

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