Migration - Spring 2015

What kind of birds are landing in our neighbors tree?

Could it really be....
Turkey Vultures
Their arrival time in the valley is March 16 through 31.
  Although they generally just fly over on their way to somewhere else.
They are an uncommon valley resident, that is for sure!
I think they are resting from a trying migrant journey.

A neighbor's dog, watching me wistfully through a double window pane.
No barking.  Just that sweet yearning face.
A little more black would make him yin and yang.

It's been forever since I visited my blog.  Hi there.


Gattina said…
Wow ! that's a long time you haven't posted ! I only see magpies and crows here around, maybe it's due to my 4 cats ! Hope you are well !
Intense Guy said…
Nice to see a port from you!! :)

Turkey Vultures live here year round. I didn't even know they migrated!
Hi there! Good to see you are still alive! :)
Hello! Glad to see you check in with your sightings. Hope to see more of you. (Yeah, I know, I'm one to talk!)
Wendster said…
We see turkey vultures when we hike by the lake. I kind of think we have them all year too. I wonder why they go north? Maybe competition for food drives them out of warm places like California where the weather is always nice? Great pictures. I've never gotten so close to them!
AfKaP said…
Was just looking up the blogs of the old "ghuys" who used to meme together and you are the only one who has had a post in the last year! ;-( (sigh). Like Far side of 50 says, it is good to see some of us still around! Loved your turkey vultures and hope you will gift us with more soon!

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