Hoarfrost Morning

We took some grandchildren to see FROZEN and now we know who to blame for this.

IMG_0333 IMG_0336
IMG_0345 IMG_0346
IMG_0350 IMG_0356
IMG_9838a IMG_9851
IMG_9854 IMG_9830


it is beautiful...beats my snow anyday! :)
Intense Guy said…
I agree with Far Side. Beautiful photos - even if one yearns for the "warmer" days!
Nancy said…
Gorgeous photos.
Terri Buster said…
Looks like icy frosting- cool shots!
Susan said…
Soooo pretty! You did a great job capturing it.

We took our 22 year old daughter to see Frozen. She enjoyed it just as much as all the other little girls in the theater! (so did we!!)
foam said…
I hear that's a good movie. I'll probably watch it in the dead of summer on hbo.

Lovely photos! Jack Frost sure knows how to paint.

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