Birthdays, Holidays, Weddings...OH MY!

Yes.  We have all three this season. 

In our close family we have birthdays on November 29, December 17, 24, and 30.  Our anniversary and Thanksgiving dance around each other every year.   Our Goddaughter has a birthday on December 23.  A grand niece on December 12.   Then Christmas, and New Years.
And stuck in the middle of all that our daughter's WEDDING.   It's fast approaching and I'm not ready.

Taking deep breaths.

Most of my shopping is done for Christmas.    I cheated and ordered most things on line.  Shopping for eleven grandchildren for Christmas is hard work!

The wonderful thing was the discovery of "points" on my credit card which were used for much of my shopping.  It was great to buy things and have them paid for by those points.

Counting down already for spring.  My fingers are always cold.   The silly cat, elGee, will go to the door and wait for me to open it.  Once I get that door open, she stops half in/half out.  My choice would be that she would be 100% indoor cat, and winter helps encourage that.  Yet, she still has to get a couple of good sniffs until I pull her back and shut the door.  The heat is a preciou$ commodity. 

The other day when 4 1/2-year old Mizelle was here we decided to go shopping.
 "Gwamma, Gwamma!"  Mizelle cried. "There is sumptin' wong with my foot!"  
 "Does it hurt, " the concerned gwamma replied.
"No.  It won't let me put my sock on.!"


Hope that is the biggest problem we have for a long time!


Nancy said…
I'm glad you are documenting Mizelle's precious thoughts because they can be too quickly forgotten.

Shopping with reward points is great - I did that, too this year.
Coffeypot said…
Judy's birthday is Dec 26th and stepson is on the 13th. Fun all month.
Busy times..we have a wedding too my niece.
I hope you get everything all done and can relax a bit...I am working toward that end myself.
Now why are you not in the Altered Book "thing" this time around?

That Mizelle says the cutest things. I am glad you are sharing them with us:)
Susan said…
Those dang feet, never doing what they should! Such a cutie you have.

We have 8 bdays starting Nov 20...I'm so glad no one has thrown a wedding in the mix...I can't imagine how stressed you must be with all that you have happening.

As they say, just enjoy the ride.
Marie said…
I agree with Nancy's comment - too many of those precious moments slip away forgotten. Keep on writing them down :)
Moi said…
Ahaha….those pesky feet don't always like socks!! :)
Intense Guy said…
Laffs at Mizelle. She is so silly!

I hope everything holds together and you experience lots and lots of joy in all forms this busy season!

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