Number 11 ... A New Grandson

Curlymop is so pleased to be a big sister.  Her baby brother, Squeak, was born on June 8, 2012 weighing 8 pounds 13 ounces.

He gave us a big scare when he entered the world -  breathing problems.  Fortunately, he was in a hospital that had a superb medical staff that figured out the problem. Within 16 hours he was back in his mother's arms.

Because of that early complication he has seen his pediatrician twice since birth.  On day four they noted that he weighed almost 9 pounds.  Then on day ten he had grown to 10 pounds 8 ounces.  Newborns rarely sustain their birth weight the first week, and often lose weight.    I've accused his "mama" (my daughter) of being  a Jersey Girl.  If you know anything about butter fat, you'll know I'm not referring to any of those reality shows.

 We are all very happy.



Coffeypot said…
Congrats to all. And she does look very happy to have her new brother.
Ah glad he is here safely..Squeak I love his name! Curlmop looks happy and I hope you made it there in time for the birth! Congrats to all!
Little boys can sometimes be real turds when it comes to breathing on their own..some are just real lazy..and it takes them time to come around. I am glad it is all resolved.
Jersey Girl..poor thing..but wow he is really growing fast so she must have great butter fat!!:)
Jan n Jer said…
Congrats to you Grandma...Glad he is doing ok now...thank God for good medical care!
foam said…
Yay! Congratulations! I reckon I was a jersey girl. My oldest gained so much weight the 1st 2 weeks, he was off the growing charts.
Sandy said…
Congratulations one and all! He is just gorgeous and big sis looks SO happy to be holding him!
mark said…
Congratulations! That's wonderful!
Sayre said…
So glad they were in the hospital so that the breathing problems could be addressed immediately!

Sounds like a strapping boy, alright!
Peter said…
Congratulations to all !!!!
Amanda said…
Congrats :) He is lovely xo
Amanda said…
My kids. <3
I am blessed.
Claudia said…
kailani said…
You're family is growing! Congratulations!
Desert Songbird said…
I was often asked (when my son was an infant) if I had butter fat or cream in my milk. Congrats to all!
Intense Guy said…

I'm so glad the baby is here and is healthy! I know its been a rough road for him and his.

Curly Mop looks thrilled!

I hope things are going much more smoothly now.

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