Sing in Spring

I've heard the voice of this little wren in the bushes around my patio  -- echoing through my back yard as if through a megaphone.  So much volume coming out of this little feathered bit of avian life.

Today it actually perched in the top of the pine that grows in our neighbors yard and hangs its branches over into the corner of our back yard.  As it declared its territory I dare not infringe -  instead I stayed on my side of the yard and used the digital zoom to captured its aria of spring.

I was hoping another Bewick would respond.  Perhaps now would be a good time to find a wren box and place it in a safe nesting spot.


Jan n Jer said…
I just love to hear the birds singing! What a wondedrful way to wake up in the morning!
bichonpawz said…
Always a good sign of spring Pamela!
I can hardly wait to hear something similar in my yard:)
Claudia said…
mmmmm....I love hearing birds singing!!
Intense Guy said…
Such a lovely aural experience... and that big bold blue sky is purty too!!

Did ya find a wren box?
Isn't that the sweetest!!!

I just adore the birds and they are certainly makin' their presence know 'round here lately. Heck, I can even hear the peepers tonight!

God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a sunshiny kinda day tomorrow!!! :o)
grammy said…
Yes... good sound to help us think of Spring (o:
Peter said…
Lovely story... Did I tell you that I'm a dedicated bird watcher too???
BTW if you wonder why I'm not commenting... I can't read the word verification letters.

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