Finding a Quiet Place

Fun Monday is still alive and kicking and Sayre Smiles asked today's bold question:  Where is Your Quiet Place?

My answer:  Bird watching. There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing then to walk through nature to listen and observe. 

I had an opportunity to go out on a raptor watch on Saturday -  there were fields south of town filled with Swainson's Hawks on their migration to their winter home in Argentina.  I had my camera along, but spent too much time with my binoculars.

I did, however, capture this bullfrog who was waiting patiently for his next meal.  Now, this little amphibian knows all about quiet places.

Shhhhhh. Tip toe on over and see who has joined Sarah for Monday Fun.


Jan n Jer said…
Love that shot, he looks like he's smiling right at you. I also love to watcht the birds, but from sitting on my swing on the patio. It does give you a sense of peace.
Molly said…
Hello, Pamela
You are right bird-watching certainly does offer some wonderful quiet times. In our new house, which is out in the country, I have seen a greater variety of birds than in our more urban setting. Here we have the joy of hummingbirds visiting outside the kitchen window, and I have spotted bluebirds, an Indigo bunting, and some curious little brown birds.
Sayre said…
Love your frog!!!

When I lived in Oklahoma, bird watching was my getaway from life. I had copies of bird books stashed everywhere. And I flew airplanes. Both activities were wonderful for shutting out my then-husband (who was not a very nice man).

I don't miss him, but I do miss the uninterrupted birding time - and the amazing array of birds that live in Oklahoma!
Gattina said…
I thought Fun Monday was dead and therefore created the meme "What did you do this weekend". It's only the second time, but apparently people like to talk about their weekends anyway on Mondays and I will be able to have an alibi if ever I am involved in a crime in ten years and they ask me what have you done the weekend 18 Sept 2010, I just look on my blog ! See how well organized I am !
Jill said…
camoflage is certainly a way to gain some peace, isn't it? flies, too
Intense Guy said…
Ah, a smiling frog and some Swainson's Hawk sightings!

Nothing like the fresh air to clear the head sometimes.

Migrating to Argentina huh? Did you dream of joining them?
The Church Lady said…
What a great shot of the bullfrog! He seems to be looking right at the camera!
12ontheinside said…
I thought that was fake at first. It really looks like those ceramic frogs you see in kitschy gift shops. Fantastic photo!
bichonpawz said…
Love that frog shot Pamela! Hope things are going ok on your end!! Sounds like you have had some time for bird watching.....and that is a very good thing!!
Faye said…
My favorite cousin is a keen bird watcher--in Ohio. It's fun to walk with her because she points out birds that I never even see. My favorite birdy thing is to listen to the doves in the evening when it's really quiet and still.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the quiet whenever you can get it. I think it's rare for you right now? It's a good thing those grands are as cute as they are becuase I'm sure they don't add to the peace and tranquility of your home!
Kila said…
I know many agree with you about bird watching, yet I personally find them noisy and annoying.

My quiet place is my bedroom, or a reading nook, or here online, or while taking a walk.

Yay for Fun Monday!
Kathleen said…
That is one big frog! Frog legs for supper? Ha!
He looks very happy in his quiet place..pre frog legs:)
dawn said…
I couldn't tell if he was real. He is kind of cute, like my ceramic frogs which are also quiet. I wasn't so quiet when I got home from a term of high school abroad to find my younger brother had clued real dead flies to their noses.
Hayden said…
Frog watching is almost as much fun as bird watching, and listening to them? Sometimes I can't tell them from birds.

I don't have a pond here (yet) so am limited to tree frogs and leopard frogs. They really make the grass come alive with their calls!
Wendster said…
I love nature walks for quiet.

I also love sitting on the rocks at the beach watching/listening to the waves crash.



I'm back!
Peter said…
Must get back to Fun Monday and all the nice contributors when I get home and back to normal.
Merle said…
Hi Pamela ~~ Cute frog photo - we don't see as many these days.
Thanks for your comment. The pics of the sparrows were nice.
It is sad when we lose blogging friends - I knew Gwen personally and
still miss her visits with Jeanette
and her sister Pauline. She was a fun lady.
Take care, Love, Merle.
lisaschaos said…
He acts like he thinks he's hidden. :) I totally agree, there is no more peaceful time than seeking out the birds. :)
Amanda said…
Oh, I have to show him to Novella. She loves those little guys. Sorry I haven't commented recently. I am catching up tonight.
Juicer said…
That is a great picture. Where did you take that?

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