Care Packages

Thank you Sandy.  (Myanderings)

Yes my Cyber friend.  You made me feel special.  I love the tea. It smelled so wonderful when I opened the box.  You and I are going to get together sometime.  Outside of this  LCD Monitor and  into some fresh country air.  Yours or mine.  And soon.  I've only flown through Texas once, with grand kids in tow.  Houston was lovely from the air.  So now I'm ready for a tour of your part of Texas.

I've had some other pick-me-ups recently, too.  One of my more recent friend-making moments was when I met Iggy (Intense Guy.)  One day I read his blog and I was hooked.  Is it sexist for me to say HE IS such a nice guy?  Last year he sent me some great tourist info on a local bird and wildlife area where he wanders.  I visited Pennsylvania in 1995 - and fell in love with the southeastern corner, including Philadelphia.   Iggy's posts and photos of his current travels, plus his childhood memories  stir me to travel there again.  Last month he sent me his Summer 2010 issue of Invention & Technology.   Don't laugh.  He knows I'm not an engineer.  The  "Hoover's Miracle Dam Celebrates its 75th" article prompted him to think of me (and my Dam Post.)   He just didn't know how much I needed the patio time with some tea and a special read.  Thank you Iggy.

And then there was The Church Lady. I'd forgotten about entering a caption contest on her blog, Living Life in Pennsylvania, back in early August. (Hey!  Another reason to see PA)  She sent a little email asking about claiming my prize when I didn't come back to chortle about my clever entry.  Actually, her husband's caption won the most votes, but she gave him a big kiss.  I got the Wal-Mart gift certificate for coming in second and not being related.  I'd like to be related, though.   

And thank you to all the rest of you for the little notes and words of encouragement.  The world is full of wonderful people, and I am blessed to know so many.

I was so excited opening it I didn't realize it was all packed with crossword puzzles from the newspaper !!!  What a gal!


Janis said…
Hey I live in Pa too just seven miles from the church lady...if you ever get to our neck of the woods, let us know. We both would love to meet you. Guess what, we both love tea and go to tea rooms around the area quite often.
heather said…
When you tour TX, let me know!
grammy said…
I am soooo lousy at sending things in the mail
but thanks to the people that did (o:
that sure was sweet. Hoping your feeling a little more up than you were...although I know you are tired and wore out. When my Son and his wife and two littles were living with was the best of times ... and somewhat exhausting. We had no hard circumstances to deal with like you I won't compare that. I did so enjoy leaving to hang out with a friend once a week and eating out with other friends every now and then.
I still have funny memories...even though they lived in the basement (don't feel soory for is a very nice area)lol... why was it the 2 year old always found her way up to me... to my bed.. when she had a bad dream... or just woke up. (o: sweet... but tiring (o: Try to savor the good moments... and get rest when you can
The Church Lady said…
Isn't it nice to have blogging friends who truly do care about you! I have always enjoyed your posts and your humor, Pamela! I am glad you received your "little prize".

Keep the faith!
Gattina said…
The word "Care package" takes me back to my childhood when my grandma was looking out for the postman who brought a "Care Packet" ! These packages were sent to the Germans by the Americans just after the war and contained food !! because there was nothing to eat.
bichonpawz said…
By all means, Pamela...let me know when you are touring New York! Your husband will find that your are never have so many invitations to travel! Ha!! Glad that your little package from your friend cheered you up and hope things are well in your little corner of the world!! This too shall pass...
Intense Guy said…
Awwww, you are making me blush... *hugs* You are quite welcome (and always will be).

Those Walkers Shortbreads are yummy!! It takes a real friend to give those away. :)

And thanks for the links to the others - I skimmed the Church Lady's blog and just know I'm going to enjoy reading more of her!

Stay well - and hang in there!
Sayre said…
I love PG Tips! Since I switched to tea from coffee, I'd been exploring different teas. I like a nice strong black tea in the mornings, but found English Breakfast could get bitter fast. I loved English Teatime, but my dad (who is actually FROM England) turned me onto Yorkshire and PGTips. Like them both, but PG wins out!

Those kind of care packages are so wonderful! Sandy's a good lady!
Kim said…
Go to Texas by way of Oklahoma. I'll pamper you for a day or so. Been thinking of you.

What a lovely care package!
dawn said…
I love the relationships gained through blogging and it is so awesome to get special gifts from people often when most needed. You are a blessing to many and is is wonderful you have a few blessing you with packages.
lisaschaos said…
Bloggy people are some of the best people in the world! You lucky girl, what a great box of goodies! Don't forget to stop through Wisconsin! :)
MarmiteToasty said…
oh oh oh you met Iggy YOU LUCKY LADY.... aint he just about the bestest bees knees :)


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