Hummer Dummer

This is the HUMMER. (She joined me for breakfast this morning on the patio.)

The DUMMER is me. 

I accidentally deleted a part of my cell phone contact list.

I got a new DROID.  The yearly contract says I can upgrade my phone for minimal costs.  Of course, there is always more expense than meets the eye.  Insurance. Data Feed.  Yada Yada Yada.  But in the end the actual phone only cost $50 because of a rebate.

When the technician transferred my information from the old antiquated phone to this new "Beam Me UP Scotty" gadget,  she briefly mentioned that the info was shared on my Google contact list.  These young geniuses forget that some of us are technically challenged.  She just rattled off some facts and threw the owners manual at me.

I rarely used Google so only had four contacts on there.  That is why I was initially confused yesterday when I opened Google on my PC and noticed all sorts of cell phone contact numbers listed.

"Whaaaa?"  I thought.  "There is no reason to put my friends telephone numbers out here where someone might hack them!"

And, then I started deleting them.  Fortunately I stopped before completing the task.  The sudden and acute memory of "Droid talks to google" hit me like a full salt shaker to the head. 

So, if I don't call you, it's because I'm embarrassed.

And, I don't have your number anymore.


Janis said…
Soooo your telling me if my phone does not ring..its U! Good thing that senior moment passed before more damage was done!
foam said…
aha! that explains why you haven't called me.
wait! you've never called me.
Gattina said…
Phone n° in Google ? Didn't even know that ! I only have links in there. My cell phone has it's own phone list and nothing to do with Google. Apparently I am again far behind the newest invention and have to update. If ever I find my phone n° in the washing machine program I let you know.
Gattina said…
PS. I just looked up what a DROID is, now I feel more intelligent, lol, and understand your problem !
Merle said…
Hi Pamela ~ Sounds like technology
payback to me. I don't have a cell phone at all.
I hope you can remember the fishing story. Take care, Love, Merle.
heather said…
What a great shot!
The speed of the hummingbird's wings amaze me--cameras just can't glimpse it.

I lost all my contacts when I accidentally washed and dried my phone once (left it in my jeans pocket). Oops.
JoeinVegas said…
We had about seven or eight hummers fighting over the two feeders when sitting out back with coffee on Saturday. No pics, I'm not as quick as you.
C said…
I am laughing for two reasons. One that you did that since I work in IT, I realize now that the tech did not fully or clearly explain that your contacts sync to your phone and vice versa onto your google account, so changes there affect your phone contacts. Yikes. The other reason is you said the hummer. In slang terms ... that's blow job. LOL
grammy said…
those windmill sail things are so huge (o:
I can mix up any info that is not penned out and tacked up
then I will probably misplace it....yikes
my son comes in handy (living at home right now) when I have a need to 'work' something I don't GET
Hope you get the numbers
The Church Lady said…
I just now started seeing hummingbirds at my feeder! It took them long enough!

I have been wanting to get a Droid. Let me know how you like it. I will have to keep the transferring contacts in mind if and when I get one!
Kelly - PTT said…
Oh man! I would totally have done that:) Your telling of the fiasco is hilarious, by the way:))))
bermudabluez said…
Oh! That's funny Pamela!! It wouldn't be so funny if it had happened to me....I'm debating whether or not to go with a Droid phone...
Intense Guy said…
Beautiful picture...

...and don't be so hard on yourself... Accidents and goof ups happen.

I suppose you can reenter them into google via a computer keyboard - which might make things go quickly - once you get a phone call (and save the number) -

I don't think I'd want my phone contacts in Google though...
lisaschaos said…
LOL! I do love my droid, but I don't like the connection with google so I shut it off, I kept get two or three on my phone for the same person and it was driving me bonkers! LOVE your hummer!
I still have one phone in the house with a rotary dial..LOL..I didn't know that slang either for hummer..what else don't I know..I love that you do stuff that I might be thinking about..I am so glad you do them first, it makes me appear smarter:)
Nezzy said…
Ahhh, lovely'll get ya every time.

At dusk the window outside where I have three feeders hangin' is just black with countless hummers. The birds...not ahhhh-hum. Heeehehehehe!

Ya have yourself a magnificently blessed day!!!
Carla said…
Great picture of the hummer. Technology...gotta love it, gotta hate it.
My kids talked me into a Blackberry. That was a couple months of them is going to the lake with us Sunday, so she can tutor me about the contraption. I have no clue...why oh why didn't I just get a flip phone like my brain was telling me to do!

Love the hummingbird.
DesLily said…
wow you're good! I woulda deleted them all before I made the connection!! lol..
karisma said…
Oh I have managed to do that a few times. Once when my phone died and all the numbers were saved to the phone rather than the simm and then I go and save next time to the simm and you guessed it. It died! And yes I have lost contact with a few people because of it. :-(
~sWaMpY~ said…
At least you know where your PHONE is !
Have you received a cookbook yet ?
Nezzy said…
Hey sweetie, just poppin' in to see what you've been up to.

Have a terrifically blessed day!!!

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