Signs of Spring

I get edgy at the first sign of spring.  It is a tradition for me. I start wondering if winter (or some underground pest) killed my favorite flower.  Then as the green tendrils emerge I worry that I may miss the blossoming moments.  Spring flora thrives in the cool weather, so a few extra warm sunny days can deteriorate them rapidly.    

As these thoughts assail me,  I begin to stress about life in general.   I count the season changes I’ve experienced and ponder how many more I will enjoy. This leads to an obsession and I look for every primrose, crocus, daffodil, tulip, and spring bulb unfolding wherever I walk or drive.

As I am restive in my pursuit, I wonder aloud to my husband, “Could I pinpoint the day spring begins in the northern hemisphere and follow it north with the sun.  How many miles would I drive before I ran out of daffodils?”  He only shakes his head. 

I begin to marvel about spring and the opposing seasons in the rest of the world.  There must be a flower that peaks through the snow in China …and is there creeping phlox in Turkey?  Do the swallows return to a certain valley in New Zealand and do Argentineans celebrate cherry blossom festivals?  When do the moist winds bring gentle rain to Botswana and make the desert bloom?

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As for Signs of Spring in the valley:

The daffodils are enjoying a lengthy bloom in my back yard this year.  The weather has stayed moist and moderate.
Daffodil PI
Bloomin’ potholes!

Janis, at Life According to, is hosting “Spring” as a Fun Monday theme. 
Spring on over there and join in the fun!


Little Miss Moi said…
Dear Pamela. I hope your tyres don't get stuck in any of those bloomin' potholes!
grammy said…
You must have asked a lot of questions as a child (o:
My head hurts just pondering all that.
You could google the answer to all those questions...
or look for blogger pen pals from those places.
Betty that visits me is from Paraguay. They just started winter. is not like our why do they still cal it that? Why do children pick flowers no matter how many times you tell them not to...can I eat chocolate this late at night....probably not (o:

By the way I can just imagine your Husband's eyes glazing my post to see why (o:
kailani said…
Wow, you really thought this through! I barely notice the changes in seasons in Hawaii.
Gattina said…
Lol ! I feel like a newborn in spring, I look at all the flowers my neighbours have (I don't have any yet) but I have a lot of green moss on our white terrace, that's also a sign of spring !
Sandy said…
I love your flowers. I once bought a house in the fall and was unaware until the following spring that there was an entire bank of daffodils out front!
Swampy said… nice to wander over here and find that you have woven another tapestry with your words...My jonquils or daffodils (I never know which they are) have ceased to bloom. The greenery comes up but no yellow flowers.
Jan n Jer said…
I never really gave that much thought to what other countries in the world experience during their spring(if they have one). I sure am glad that we do here in the Mid Atlantic states though. Love to see all the buds and blooms taking form to burst into full color. Thanks for playing Pamela and happy FM
Peter said…
Maybe we could arrange a package tour to Australia in Spring (Ours) for all the people who have commented about wanting to visit OZ.
Sayre said…
One of the nice things about blog and internet friends is that they're all over the place - so you can keep up with what's going on weather and flower-wise in Australia, Europe and Asia without pondering aloud to glassy-eyed husbands!
Steve Skinner said…
Construction and road work signs are true signs of spring!
Molly said…
Indiana reportedly has the most potholes of any state because of our cycles of freezing and elting throughout the winter.

I understand the obsession to find the spring flowers. A few years back for a graduate class, we were assigned to make a wildflower scrapbook. I spent hours and hours collecting specimens. A few years later, I repeated the process but instead of collecting specimens, I took digital pictures of many, many flowers.
foam said…
new zealand and austria are certainly in fall mode ..
can you imagine easter in the fall?
The Church Lady said…
I have hoards of daffodils blooming wildly along the edge of my woods. The pale yellows shining through the brown dead brush is a refreshing sign of spring!! Happy spring to you, my friend!

p.s. Those bloomin' potholes are a nuisance!
Jan said…
Relax, it'll all be there for you to see, I promise.
bermudabluez said…
Your flowers are beautiful!! Ours have not yet started to come out has been quite cold the last couple of the 20's. I wish it would warm up just a bit so we could see little signs of spring. The winter has seemed much longer for me this year...I think because we went south last year. Enjoy your signs of spring, Pamela!! Oh...I hate the potholes too and all the construction!
Debs said…
I love your flowers, but you can keep the bloomin' potholes. lol
joangee said…
Thanks for visiting me and for your kind comments.
Hellebores are more resilient than camellias, they survive our winter frosts,
Susie Q said…
I always want to redo everything, de clutter and clean. My energy level cannot keep up with my desires in the Spring! But it is here, and I think it is really here this week. We had snow and it grew so cold but now the warmth is back. To stay? We will see! It is still Ohio in the Spring! *laugh*
Wishing you a happy Spring dear are such a loyal and special bloggy friend. You are a joy to visit and I apologize that I have been a loathsome blogger of late. Your posts neverfail to inspire me, make me think, cheer me and well, bring a sense of fun to my day as well.

12ontheinside said…
Well we're heading into mid Autumn here. The rain has started - it always, always rains at Easter.
Molly's comment reminded me how much I loved pressing flowers as a kid. Man. I need to plant some flowers! (Although I think I'll get my house put back together first!)
Intense Guy said…
So many questions...


Happy spring 2010... I hope you enjoy many more of them.
Hayden said…
My favorite sign of spring is Buzzard Day, the day the Buzzards return to Hinkley Ridge. Not that I know where Hinkley Ridge is. Somehow it's an antidote to the beautiful-but-sticky sweetness of the Capistrano swallows.
Kila said…
Whew, you ponder as much as I do.

Wisconsin has two seasons--winter and road construction.
It must be our age, I ponder the spring and how many more springs I have left in me..I do not want to miss a thing. Your Daffodils are beautiful...:)
Merle said…
Hi Pamela ~~ I tried several times to
comment here but could not. It is
great that Spring is arriving for you. Thanks for your comments and
concern for my health. I am just waiting to see the specialist.
Take care, Love, Merle.
Wendster said…
You ask good questions. I feel the same way ... best to enjoy EVERY MOMENT since we never know how many more we will have. So ... enjoy every blossom, but I hope you will live to see 70 more Springs at least. Why not? The people in China are doing it.

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