Color My Asphalt

I pulled into the parking lot at the grocery store on a dreary day in mid-January and hopped out of the car with my list in hand.  Immediately my eyes were drawn to an oil spill in the parking stall next to my car.  There was just enough sunlight escaping through the clouds to extract brilliance from the rain and pollution mix.

My camera travels with me for just such occasions.  Snap!

Every week, Carmi at Written Inc hosts a thematic photo topic and invites one and all to participate.  This week he is asking for "colorful" wherever we find it.  As soon as I saw his post I knew exactly where my photo was waiting.


Beverly said…
Well, how cool is that! I almost thought it was colored chalk. What a neat photo to capture with your camera.
Never leave home without it! I always take my camera and a kleenex and a stick of gum...true old lady stuff. Great capture! :)
Soozcat said…
Yay! Peacock poop! ;)

It really is beautiful.
that is one very cool image!!
foam said…
wow! beauty in an oil spill!
Heather Plett said…
That's very cool! I love little surprises like that, though I seriously need to get a small camera so it's easier to take everywhere with me.
Jientje said…
Who knew an oil spill could be pretty! It looks like a rainbow!
grammy said…
way to be prepared for the beauty around us
I am so good at it when I am with the Grands
I always pointed out stuff to my own too
till they got to the age where they rolled their eyes
that's why God gives us those Grands
so we can start pointing out those things again
and they actually like it (o: lol
Janis said…
Great Shot in an oil spill..come on over n sign up for FM...its a photo challenge this week. I am going on over to Carmi's site and check it out. Thanks for the info. I just got a new SLR camera and looking for photo challenges.
PEA said…
It's a sign of a good blogger when she carries her camera with her at all times! hehe Such an awesome shot!! xoxo
Wendster said…
ooooooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa perfect.

Sorry I've been distant. Reading all of the Craig's list ads has consumed all of my interest, lately! People ask for the WEIRDEST things. And sometimes? I want to reply.
Peter said…
It takes talent to make an oil spill attractive and interesting.
Colorfully lovely ;-)
Methinks I'll be humming The Rainbow Connection for a while this morning.
Hugs and blessings,
Swampy said…
Too pretty ! Glad you had camera in hand !
Mona Sweden said…
I don't like oil spill, but this is very pretty. Great capture!
Hayden said…
I've always had a guilty affection for oil stains - this one is spectacular!
Debs said…
Me and my son agree....this is COOL!
Susie Q said…
It does take a creative soul to see this and you my friend are just that.
This is lovely!
Intense Guy said…
Your picture is the "pot o' gold" at the end of this rainbow.

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