A Wonder Twin Unites (soon)

I received an email from an old friend today – sharing with me photos of her grandchildren and all the current news from their retirement home in the southwest.

A huge grin stretched my face when I read her announcement that one of the twins is getting married.

In the early eighties when they moved onto our street, the twins were little boys. The daughter was the same age as our eldest.

I had only girls so I wasn’t prepared for the mischief and excitement that two mirror images could reflect on a quiet neighborhood.

They weren’t naughty. They just had unlimited curiosity and energy, no fear (before it became a slogan), and a healthy dose of twin competitiveness.

On their bicycles, the twins were identical Evil Knievels. I once witnessed (I don’t know which) one lose control of his handle bars at full speed and straddle the metal pole of a mailbox. It was as if a giant had thrown a horseshoe and scored a ringer.

Every July I’m reminded of that Independence Day celebration when one of the twins accidentally torched his brother’s windbreaker with a sparkler. My husband, the firefighter, grabbed him and took him to the ground, putting the fire out with a couple of efficient moves. The little guy popped up off the ground and was ready to fight; not understanding that his attacker was beating out flames climbing up his back. Only moments later, before his dad or mom could stop him, he picked up a recently spent roman candle and stared down the short barrel.

My friend and her kids took a weekend trip to Seattle with me and my girls where we spent the night at my brother’s home. He lives on a forested hillside. The twins enjoyed playing outside and my brother remarked that they had been perfect little guests. That thought prevailed until the following morning - when he discovered the rocks, that took many artistic hours to place, had been rolled down the hill.

They were little boys, they didn’t know it was a rock garden, and (we had to agree) they were certainly industrious. My brother and I still giggle about that one when we are reminiscing.

One of the most memorable events happened while their mom was styling my hair in their kitchen. We heard a hair-raising scream followed by gasping sobs as one of the boys hobbled up the stairs.

He’d zipped his very private part into his blue jeans! This was eons before that scene in “There’s something about Mary.”

His mom lectured him with a tick in her cheek: “Now you know why you are told to always wear your underwear!”

She stood him on the kitchen counter and gently worked to free him. It took patience and about 20 minutes of her subdued giggles. Fortunately, I was able to turn my face away and hide in the towel on my shoulders.

Not so long ago the twins came up in a discussion I had with Amanda. She has never forgotten (or forgiven them for - LOL) the traumatizing taunt, “Mandy-poopie-dough, Mandy-poopie-dough.” They were four when she was born, so I’m sure it stemmed from their interpretation of her diaper changes.

I shake my head with disbelief when I realize the twins are in their thirties.

Oh my! Now, one is getting married.

Congratulations Jimmy.


I don't even know those young men and I have a love for them. Reminds me of my youth. That is why I have "some" patience with my sons and the things they used to do. I would rather have boys like that than those who sit in front of the TV all day long. You had me laughing with your memories.
Amanda said…
I miss those guys.
MarmiteToasty said…
How time is going so very fast....... scary, so very scary....

Karmyn R said…
They were two very busy boys!!!
lisaschaos said…
Sounds like these boys kept everyone on their toes. :) So many cute stories! My oldest son once zipped his part in the sipper of his blanket sleeper. I remember him hunched over and me trying to figure out how to get it out without zipping it back down. :)
Gattina said…
This reminds me of when my son was little, lol ! I could write a book about all the funny troubles he gave to us ! He was as these twins together. And now his friends are all dads and he wants to be one !
I just noticed that Karmyn is your daughter ! and that you have another blogging daughter ! Must be in the family, lol !
LadyStyx said…
I hear ya. A couple of my ex's nieces have somewhat recently gotten ahold of me and I was able to catch up a bit with them. Last time I saw them all (or at least the first 4 of the 6 kids), they were all 10 yrs and younger. The oldest 3 are now in college (the youngest college student is one I'd changed diapers for when he was little)and the oldest two are now in homes of their own living with their respective boyfriends. My own niece, who seemingly was born just a little bit ago is already in Kindergarten and her little brother is already walking...time goes so fast.
DesLily said…
Remember Art Linkletter? He made a lot of money off of things kids did and said!! this story reminded me of him.
SandyCarlson said…
I enjoyed this reminscince. You made me think of how my daughter and her cousins interact. They are so patient with each other for being not the same. It's a riot.

May the happiness continue!
Diane said…
Sounds like they kept everyone on their toes! Double the pleasure, double the fun!
Susie said…
It's fun to remember all those special childhood adventures and memories. Twice as much fun from those two!
Where does the time go??
wendy said…
The Franks and Beans story ... LOL!

Poor boy.

I can't even imagine.

I guess the closest we'll ever come to that kind of discomfort was the medeival prep for child birth ... and the accompanying nicks ... and tears! Ouch! Those tears rhyme with bears ... not beers.
wendy said…
ooooh! And sutures!
Desert Songbird said…
Boys are....well, a real treat. Some can be a bigger treat than others. *grin*

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