Loose Teeth and Roosters

This evening I dialed our daughter's phone number and 5-year old Buttercup answered.

Buttercup: Hello?
Grandma: Hi Buttercup, is your mama home?
Buttercup: She's at cub scouts with Jammin'. Hey Grandma, my tooth came out today!

Grandpa walks in, hears the tooth conversation in process, and picks up the extension.

Did it hurt.
Buttercup: No. It just took a quick yank.
Grandpa: Who pulled it?
Buttercup: My mama. Now I can stick my tongue through it.
Grandpa: Did you cry?
Buttercup: Only when I saw the blood.

....later in the conversation
Grandma: How is (chicken) Henrietta Cluck?
Buttercup: She might be a rooster.
Grandma: Then we'll have to call him Henry Cluck.
Buttercup: No, - - - - then we'll have to eat her. I love you. Goodbye.


Betty said…
Hi Pamela,

I love the conversation you and your hubby had with your grandson. It's things like this that makes me love kids so much. They are so honest. Thank you for sharing that.
poor poor henrietta/henry. not only does s/he have to deal with gender issues, but there's a fricassee to fear!
Amanda said…
She looks kinda beat up! Maybe the tooth didn't come out on it's own.... tee hee

She called and told us the news, now Curly Mop can't stop talking about losing her own teeth.
Karmyn R said…

This evening, Dave was looking at the missing tooth and we discovered the OTHER tooth is loose too. So in a few days she will be quite the hillbilly. It will be fun to hear her say "S" words.
Tillybud said…
I love that gappy stage kids go thru. They look so cute!
12ontheinside said…
Reminds me of my friend's pet duck called Dinner. One day they invited me round for dinner. It wasn't till I had eaten that they told me we'd eaten the actual pet, Dinner.
karisma said…
Oh Buttercup, Don't you dare eat her! Aunty Karisma will cry! Look if I can put up with Drewcilla the wicked chook, you can put up with one rooster called Henrietta Cluck!

O BTW Grandma, my email is working again! Cheers
nikki said…
Buttercup is too cute for words!
lisaschaos said…
Buttercup brings smiles to my face and I can imagine a conversation with her keep you smiling all day!
Desert Songbird said…
I can't wait to read Karmyn's story if she has to butcher that rooster instead of collecting eggs from a chicken.
PEA said…
LOL loved that conversation! I can't wait until Lily is old enough for me to have phone conversations like that:-) xoxo
grammy said…
my seven year old Grand last her third tooth and the tooth fairy forgot...oops. Glad it's not me doing that again. I forgot several times too (o:
Here hoping that Henrietta is a girl! Your grands are so cute! :)
Nothing like children to bring out originality and lots of smiles, toothless or otherwise.
Tiggerlane said…
I love it! I had no idea that male chickens were so undesirable as pets...and only fit for eating. SO CUTE! One day (far away, I hope), I'll have my own grandchildren!
Jennifer said…
awww...I miss those days!!
Kathleen Marie said…
That is cute... Poor Henry!
jettied said…
I so love when you post about yournversations with your grandkids!!! Wouldn't that be a cute book!!
Kila said…
Males are trouble ;)

How nice that she could tell you her big news!
Moi said…
Poor Henry/Henrietta!! My WV today is banish...so banish the thought!! :)
Hayden said…
what gorgeous skin! she looks like a REALLY healthy girl!
wendy said…
We'll have to eat her. HA HA HA! And so matter of fact.
It means this, child.
No, it means that, grandparent. Like a little newscaster. "The way it is."

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