November's Perfect Post

Take four little men, a big dog, and a tree, then mix it up with mom and her camera to get an early bowel full of Christmas.

I invite you to get your spoonful of early holiday delight by viewing Try It If You Dare, posted by Nan over at Life is Like a Lunch Box

She and her family make me smile on the inside and giggle on the outside. I always expect to be entertained and have my spirits lifted when I click on her blog. I'm never disappointed.

Nan, I've nominated you for November's Perfect Post. The Original Perfect Post Awards

Thank you for letting us share your joy!

To see other Perfect Post nominees click on over to Lindsay at and Kimberly at .


Shelby said…
on my way over to the perfect post!
Helene said…
ahhhh that was sweet! I will go have a look over there now!

Hope you had a nice weekend!
Kila said…
Oh, I can relate to Nan's post, LOL! Actually, her photos turned out pretty well compared the 3 dozen or so I took of my 3 boys today! Good grief!
Christy Woolum said…
I am eager to check it out. Thanks for always giving us new blogs to enjoy!
Carla said…
I am on my way to dutifully check out your recommendation. I'm sure it's fabulous.
Anonymous said…
Hey PamelaJamela.
Thanks for the linky. I will try to figure out how to use it.
This is the first time I've been able to get to your comment page. That pop-up blocker was in my way again.
Will head over to your links later. Am driving home today and must get on the road.
Anonymous said…
Trying to post with my link:
Anecdotes,Antidotes, & Anodes
BarnGoddess said…
wow-she has a handsome family of boys + one happy pooch :)
Nan said…
Pamela, as always, you are the bestestest! :^D Thanks m'lady!
M@ said…
Sounds like a real Chuckle Head!
Devon said…
What a funny post, I feel her pain. Being the strange creature that I am, I would have used one of the funny pictures rather than the formal type!
Unknown said…
I had been wondering where you were. Now I need to check that perfect post and see if I can get some pointers. :)
Anonymous said…
Yes, those were Scotty Dog pajamas.
Hey, I 'm back to practice again. The link I left up above only takes you to the upper left quadrant of my blog.
Hope you don't mind that I practice here. TeeHeeHee !

Swampy's Blog
Wendster said…
Hi Pamela!
My computer is D E A D. So, I'm not around except when I can get a hold of my hubby's lap top (which he guards enthusiastically) but I am thinking of you!
I can totally relate to the unfinished project gene. I have scores of them. All in bags in my closets. ha.
Hope the holidays are treating you well!
Nan said…
Devon, just had to tell you that I ended up making a photo booth strip with the funny Christmas pics and it's in the "sidebar" of my Christmas letter. :^D Great idea!

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