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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Empty Nest Syndrome

Last year a pair of House Sparrows nested in the little bird house on our patio.

It hung there “just temporarily” when the Globe Willow came down. Overlooked, it stayed there another year, giving us a second opportunity to share some space with a family of sparrows.

Last year’s male ran off with another “chick” before the eggs even hatched. The little mother amazed us with her constant care and dedication. She chose to ignore us and our proximity as the babies demanded more of her time and food.

I was happy to see this year’s male helping tend to the little brood. He was more hesitant to approach the nest when we were outside. He sat on the chimney and chee-chee’d at us while she scurried back and forth with bugs and seeds. Unfortunately, before the care and feeding was complete, another female lured him away and he did not return.

The mother bird seemed frantic in her efforts the last few days. Those little fledglings (and the crickets!) chirped constantly.

Yesterday evening there was a change. I heard the loud and frantic call of the mother bird in a continuous pattern. Through the patio door, I could see her sitting on the triangle dinner bell (that sits idle since our last chick flew away.)

She escaped as soon as I opened the patio door.

“Hon, hand me the flashlight!” I requested of the guy who knows where everything is in the house, and if he doesn’t know where it is he will find it.

He pointed the beam into the birdhouse entrance, which allowed us to see an empty nest.

“Awww…” I said. “They flew away!”

I woke up this morning to the same frenetic chirping. There she was, once more perched on the bell next to the birdhouse. With feathers fluffed out and neck stretched up, she was calling for her babies.

It “dawned” on me that she had Empty Nest Syndrome.

I turned to the guy who knows where everything is and asked, “That didn’t happen when our last one left, did it?”

“Hmmmmm,” was his initial response.

I could tell he was stalling a little while he thought about his answer.

“I think,” he concluded in an exceedingly diplomatic tone, “it was obvious to me without the flashlight.”

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Big Foot (NOT)

Okay...so it is probably a rock and a shadow.

While up in the Blues this weekend, we were very close to the watershed wilderness where many Bigfoot stories originate.

I was taking some digital photo's of the moon coming over a distant ridge when something caught my eye and shivered down the back of my neck. It just looked like something looking back at me from the next ridge up.

I set my camera on 48X zoom and snapped two shots and hopped back in the truck. When I got home I realized my shaky hands did little to clarify whatever dark form had appeared in my lens. It is lying next to the tree stump.

I say it is Bigfoot (snicker.) The hubby says it is my imaginary friend. Karmyn said it could be a young bear. Jammin' says it's a monkey with a teddy bear, and Buttercup says it is Strawberry Shortcake.

You decide.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

We drove through the foothills today into the Blue Mountains. The gusting wind rolled like waves through the lush wheat fields and crested in the sun light.

As the mountain road changes from paved to gravel it ascends into switchbacks that slice through rock-filled ravines and open meadows. The blustery air followed us up the crooked path. The tamaracks and pine trees whispered and moaned. The aromatic scents of wildflowers mixed with pollen and dust to tickle our noses.

Our original goal for this afternoon jaunt was to utilize our permit to harvest rocks that have rolled into the roadway. The landscape around our pond and the waterfall feature has yet to be completed. One of those ‘always in progress’ tasks.

However, my attention kept drifting from rock viewing to the symphony of sounds and smells. The blessings of living in a beautiful place and sharing it with those that I love felt overwhelming. My emotions climbed with the terrain.

I saw the Memorial Day events listed in the Sunday morning paper. I felt guilty that honoring those who served and sacrificed was not in our Monday plans.

As a result, I took a few moments away from the hunt to remember.

Three of our grandchildren’s Dad is in the Air Force. He will be returning to the Middle East this fall for his third tour. He is no longer my son-in law. However, those little faces that I love, love him.

Alex, you are in my prayers.

Prior to our meeting, my husband served four years in the late sixties as a submariner. His dress whites are in a storage box. Pictures of his “Boats” hang at the end of the hallway.

Hubby, you were a handsome sailor. I love you.

The army drafted my youngest brother, a conscientious objector, about the same year. I was in high school and cried as he reported for duty and climbed into the waiting bus. The nightly news was all about Vietnam. Nick was one of the lucky ones who stayed in the States. He never carried a gun, but served in a medic position. He became a respiratory therapist after his stint was complete. Billy, my cousin, lived with us his last year of high school before the army drafted him. He was wounded in Vietnam when he stepped on a land mind while carrying a comrade off the battlefield. He died of unrelated causes

My eldest brother graduated from College in the late fifties and received his “Greetings”in 1958. “The White Coats” in Maryland was his military family. They were eager to use Ron's
degree in Biochemistry.

Big brothers, - You made our family proud.

The hubby’s dad (1925-2002) was yet a teen when assigned to a sub chaser in the South Seas during World War II. That is why he was still young enough for call back during the Korean Conflict. In 2001, I asked him to share his story at our Memorial Day Barbecue. The hubby and his sister heard their father’s narrative for the first time that day. His memoirs included the execution of his favorite cousin who was a prisoner of war. The handwritten pages smeared by his tears are neatly folded and stored. It will be a post on my blog some day. Two of my mom’s brothers, George and Wilmer, served in World War II. One was in the European theater. They are both gone, and as far as I know their experiences with them. Gram's cousin Victor was entombed in the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor on that fateful December 7.

You were indeed -The Greatest Generation.

Tecumseh, my dad’s 23-year-old brother, died of pneumonia while serving in World War I. Dad spoke of him with quiet admiration.

Uncle Tecumseh, I knew you because dad told me about you. Now my kids will know about you, too.

During the Civil war, Typhoid fever killed my maternal Great Grandfather George. My paternal Great Grandfather Elisha, lost his arm in battle. Great Great Grandfather Ambrose on the hubby’s side was a cavalry soldier in that uncivil War, as well. He returned home safely. You can read about them in my post One Wore Blue.

You men came home and mended a broken nation.
May your sacrifices and forgiveness remind us about unity and greater good.

The Revolutionary War included my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Titus Travis, who was on the “Muster Roll of New York Provincial Troops,” and his son George, with four greats. George escaped after capture by the Redcoats. Through your commitment I am a "Daughter of The Revolution."

Thousands of children are your descendants. Thousands more have arrived here to share in the dreams that you had. I like to think my grandson has your smile.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fighting Cancer with a Loved One

Today was my annual mammogram. I am thankful for the friendly technician, her efficiency and skills.

This visit was very significant for me BECAUSE my sister-in-law, Bindy, underwent a mastectomy two weeks ago. The lymph node status was discouraging, resulting in yesterday’s full body CAT scan (Computed Axial Tomography.)

Bindy has been through five crazy years.

It started on June 14, 2002 when she woke up with a tortuous headache, which quickly proceeded to a grand mall seizure and unconsciousness.

My brother, who is a respiratory therapist, was home and able to do CPR with competence until the ambulance arrived.

The paramedics intubated and transported her to the closest Emergency Room where they quickly diagnosed a brain aneurysm. The mortality rate is high and one out of three survivors sustains permanent disabling neurological symptoms.

An airlift to Harb*rview H*spital in Seattle and the skilled hands of one of the four top Neurosurgeons in the U.S. saved her life.

The hospital staff called Bindy their ‘Miracle” when she woke up within 36 hours of the surgery with everything intact. The only obvious side effect is her inability to deal with stressful situations. She did not return to her teaching career.

In the almost five years since then, she has had two additional major surgeries and a heart attack. No smoking, no drinking, whole grains, low or non fat healthy cooking is a way of life for Bindy and my brother ever since they were married thirty-some years ago. The hubby and I are mystified as to how one person can be so conscientious and yet so afflicted.

Today she told me she feels the strain of being on the front line of battle. Nevertheless, she is ready and willing to march into this fight with every weapon her physicians can provide. She is depending on Her Faith in God for strength, once more, to endure.

Cancer is a menace in my family as it is in so many of yours. My cousin died of breast cancer. My eldest sister, Nelda, died 13 years ago of leukemia. Her husband, NJ, survived prostrate cancer, and their eldest son, Scott, is still in remission from testicular cancer. My 29 year old nephew, Rich, died almost two years ago of a rare form of lung cancer. My brother-in-law, BR, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer one year ago last week. His wife, my sister Sandra, fought breast cancer 20 years ago and survived.

It was in Sandra’s honor and for my daughters and granddaughters that last year I joined the Sister Study, researching the environmental and genetic risk factors of breast cancer.

I recently received an Email from the Sister Study program as follows:

WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER to help us recruit women just like you! The Sister Study needs 50,000 women by the end of 2007. We currently have 33,000 women enrolled in the study which means we need to recruit 17,000 more women by the end of this year. Our most successful method of recruitment is through word of mouth, so this is where you can play a pivotal role today.

Through your personal participation in the Sister Study, you are making a tremendous contribution to breast cancer research. But we have another important request. Please forward this email to other women, friends and family members who may be interested. Or give them a call or a brochure about the study (call 1-877-474-7837 for brochures). If each current participant in the Sister Study helps us recruit one other woman this year, we will reach our goal and complete our recruitment phase on time! Remember, breast cancer affects women from every walk of life, so we need women of all backgrounds, occupations, and ethnic groups to join.

The Sister Study is open to all sisters of breast cancer victims - in the United States and in Puerto Rico.

So tonight, on behalf of my lovely sister-in-law, Bindy, who only has brothers – I ask that you please pass the word along.

At a time like this, every woman is her sister.

(Thank you!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In the shadow of BUSY

Update. Several of you commented on the Clematis. I don't know the variety. Here is another look at it for those who are interested.

There are at least six stories in my head and in my notes to write. But there they stay for now. In case you wondered, I do write notes other places than on my furniture.

I have been distracted by busy "stuff." Many of you have mentioned the same seasonal phenomenon affecting your blog.

However, life goes on. Fortunately, I'm blessed to see some of those wonderful goings on in my own back yard.

A squirrel and a starling, fighting over the bird seed. These two naughty creatures chase the desired birds away. Then they hiss and jabber and chase each other.
Amanda calls me a bird snob because I would chase the starlings away if they would leave.

Papa Quail as the lookout on the fence. He is very protective of his family.

A quick picture of a camouflaged bunny before Mr. McGregor (the hubby) shoos it away.

The Rhododendron outside my bathroom window

My favorite clematis - sometimes the blooms are paper plate size.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Template

The time finally came for me to upgrade my blog so that I could access the "bells and whistles" offered by the New Blogger.

Blogs Gone Wild designed this for a minimal fee around the recent picture of Gram's antique desk. I'm sure I'll do some tweaking as the days go by.

I can tell you right now that it is MUCH EASIER than the old blogger.

I need Easy. I like Free.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Fun Monday #18 Watercolor Blues

Nikki is hosting today's Fun Monday. The Rules: Write a Poem, Illustrate it, and then post it. Click over to visit all the other participants listed at Tales of a First Time Mom.

Simple you say?

My poem and my illustration was to be the beautiful Rhododendron. Not only are several blooming on the north side of our house, but the native shrub is the Washington State Flower. In some areas of the state they bloom naturally and profusely in the wild.

I picked a huge bloom and floated it in a bowl. They did not bloom naturally and profusely on my paper. My eyes and my hands would not cooperate. Thus, my HAIKU.

Watercolor Blues

The artist’s rendition

Of Rhododendrons stays

In the bowl


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Amanda

Even though you will always be Mandy, to me.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Bubble Chase

I can fly, I can fly, and pop bubbles in the sky.

Then I race and I race, an amazing bubble chase.

Mama,Blow! Mama, Blow! Just watch those bubbles Go.

Let me try, Let me try! One just popped right in my eye.

Do-Si-Do, Do-Si-Do. Grandpa pop one with your toe.

Peek-a-boo, Peek-a-boo. I can see right through it, too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Curly Mop and the Hummers

Curly Mop and Amanda came for Mothers Day - and we drove 15 miles up to a the house of a friend who has the hummingbird summer destination.

I messed up the camera by accidentally setting the red-eye assist, thereby missing many wonderful pictures.

What you don't get to see:

Curly Mop's mouth and eyes wide open in complete surprise when the first hummers brushed past her cheeks and the breeze from their wings bounced the wispy curls around her face.

Several little hummers getting up close and personal with the hubby's sister. She was dressed in a bright striped shirt and sparkling earrings that attracted them. I think they were even fighting over her.

One nearly getting tangled in Amanda's hair when she placed her hands across the corner feeder.

The Hubby and Curly Mop surrounded by eight or nine at once.

Me swearing at the camera because I was frustrated with the delayed action, whereby the hubby finally took a look at the control functions.

What you will get to see :

Rufous landing on Amanda's finger.

Two Caliope on mine.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Fun Monday #17 The favorite ----

Today's Fun Monday is being hosted by Willowtree. He wants to see our favorite Coffee Mug, our favorite glasses for drinks of any kind, and for extra credit even our favorite plate. He said we could get creative.

I'm going to stick with the mugs.

A precious gift from a Japanese Exchange Student.
Masami stayed with us eleven years ago and has kept in touch. She returned to spend Christmas with us one year and presented me with my very first FINE CHINA as a Gift.

It was a starter set of Mikasa oh oh.. I did this too late at night. It is Noritake. My TO DO list has a notation to complete this set one day. For now, I enjoy looking at it.

This stonewear is my preferred coffee, tea, or hot chocolate drinking mugs. They fit perfectly in my palms and warm my fingers.

We have many other mugs that we have collected over the years.
We have colorful mugs, advertising mugs, souvenir mugs, mismatched sets of mugs... you get the picture. Some of you may remember the one with the moose turds. I' m sparing you all the pain of viewing any more of those choice collectors items.

Pete did say we could get creative with our post
. So, I have decided to share with you the mug I have loved the longest. I do worry a little about what he will say when he sees this. Earlier today I asked him to make a face while I was testing the digital camera. That was the truth. It was only tonight when I decided to stick with the mug portion of Fun Monday that this creation came to be. In Picture It, anyway.

Image Hosted by <span class=

Please visit A Dingo Got My Barbie and check out his side bar for all the participants.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

3 Birds, One Stone (3 Memes, One Post)

I have been tagged three times recently.

Once by Willowtree, who wanted to know about the music to which I listen. The rules were: "List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying.

I hope he doesn't mind if I am general in my responses. I just can't 'name that tune" as I did when I was 21.

A bunch of masochistic bloggers, lead by Robin wanted to see my appearance upon waking in the morning. The rules: to show [their] morning faces! Yes, she wants to see that no-makeup, just-got-up, haven't-had-coffee-yet face. Are you up for it???"
Oh well... beauty is only skin deep. Ugly goes all the way to the bone. Hmmph.
Then, Kathleen Marie got me on another one of those tell us about yourself posts. The rules: Each player starts with eight (8) random facts/habits about themselves.
I've done a few of these in the past with more humor than fact. So, I'll try to share something that may be more significant.

So, here goes Music, Random Fact, and The Face.

1) When I sleep I have to wear an NTI (Tension Suppression System) It is that funny little thing in my mouth that looks like a pair of bucked teeth. The hubby and I affectionately nicknamed it 'the bucky' because it has that chipmunk quality . It keeps me from clenching my teeth and waking up with a sore jaw and a headache. This winter I failed to wear it for a month - and subsequently cracked and lost a tooth. The oral surgeon completed a bone graft, which is in process, and I will have a tooth implant sometime this summer. (ouch)

Just barely awake, no shower, no coffee, pillow still cuddled up next to face, and bucky on teeth. You don't get any earlier folks.

While I am doing much better in the finding dreamland games, I still like to listen to my favorite CD as I search. A Woman's Retreat is a "relaxing blend of strings, flutes, soothing voice and French Horn." It lulls me to sleep,

2) I am sensitive to the sun, so I always wear sun block and a hat. One of the medications that I take exacerbates this. My freckles have all become brown spots. I even have freckles in my eyes.

I've had my coffee here all you lookey-loos. NO Comments -- Absolutely NO Comments are allowed about the face covered in sun block. (I see it now not rubbed in.)

If you see me in the garden wearing my hat and gloves, the music I would choose to accompany me would be Josh Groban. Of course my favorite song ever from him is "You Raise Me Up."

3) I am learning to water-color as a mid-life adventure. I don't want to get too distracted when I paint. But, if I choose to have music it will be Andrea Bocelli . He sings in Italian, so I don't have to bother with words.

4) I always drive over the speed limit by at least 8 mph. It's just me, Diana Krall (a great Canadian Jazz Singer) and my little old lady car smoothing out the landscape. The only time I got a speeding ticket was when doing 35 in a 25 mph zone in a tiny town in Oregon. I called the City Courthouse to find out how to pay my fine. The clerk did some "tsk tsking" on the phone and told me I didn't have to pay it. "That patrolman is just a little too busy," she added.

If you haven't had a chance to experience Diana Krall, I recommend her for a quiet evening as well.

5) I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. There are times I don't believe it. Then there are times when I curse the morning because I feel like I'm down for the count in an all night boxing match.

The Hubby has downloaded scores of golden oldies, and plays them in his office. Sometimes the Righteous Brothers (his and my favorites) start playing and he walks down the hall, dances me through the kitchen and sings in my ear, " Oh, my love, my darling, I've hungered for your touch ." It takes the pain away - even if only for those few minutes.

6) When I was in high school I thought that I would major in music as singing was something that came naturally to all my brothers and sisters. But, when I went to college I changed my mind - that's another story altogether!

ANYWAY... back in the early 90's I heard Jaci Velasquez sing. She was a Christian music artist that began her career in her early teens. I love to close my eyes and worship with her music. Unfortunately, I believe she may have recently switched to pop music in the Latin sector.

7) When the daughters were young we took them contra dancing. My memory is vague on why we quit participating. But, I think it probably had something to do with school activities and business in general. I still love to hear a good fiddle and a folk song. Acoustical music is the real deal.

8) I hate to shop. For Anything. Even music.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Todays Headlines

Massive Ice Sheet Partial Cause of Missing Canadian Gravity
A mysterious dip in gravity over Northern Canada has long been a weighty topic for some scientists. Two theories have emerged to explain the strange phenomenon, but conclusive evidence has been elusive.

I'm moving and taking my bathroom scales.

Most-Wanted Part of $2M Estate: the Dog
A man who didn't have a will left a $2 million estate, but the most hotly contested item in court has been his golden retriever, Alex.
Royal, the dog's attorney, said he believes all four people (the man's Father, ex wife, ex girl friend, and fiancee) love Alex and would take good care of him, but they were using the fight for the dog to punish each other for past transgressions.

The Dog's attorney? Am I the only one who thinks that's Goofy?

Wis. farmer finds new calf has two noses
Mark Krombholz had to look twice at his new calf, Lucy (born May 4) _ one time for each nose. "I didn't notice anything too different about her until I got her in the barn," Krombholz said, "and all of a sudden I went to feed her a bottle of milk, and I thought maybe she'd been kicked in the nose and there were two noses there."
Sort of impressive. However, isn't Michael Jackson at least on number seven?
How Do You Go in Space
A tour of a space facility in the US apparently prompted Prince Philip to ask how astronauts deal with "natural functions" in space. So how exactly do they go to the toilet (or should that be the loo)?
On the shuttle, urine and faeces are carried away by rapid flow of air. On the International Space Station, the fundamental principle is similar. The fan-powered air-flow toilet system stores waste. Urine is sucked up and stored in 20 litre containers which are dumped into the Progress resupply craft. The ship is later ejected into the atmosphere, where it burns up

Burns up, huh? That's a lot of hot p**p.

Mysterious metal object not a meterorite
The mysterious metallic object that crashed through the roof of a central New Jersey family's home earlier this year was not a meteorite after all, geologists said Friday. It's still a mystery where the object came from.
I'm just saying........ maybe they didn't give Prince Philip all the details.
4 fish farm workers rescued from feces
This nasty rescue is no fish tale.
Rescuers cut through a filtration tank of dense fish feces to reach four workers who fell into the sludgy dung Friday while cleaning the 18-foot tank at a western Massachusetts farm.
Sludgy Dung!!!! I know it's a little early for "Talk Like a Pirate Day," but, now I can't wait to use that one on all you scallywags and chumbuckets.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Balloon Morning

Coffee on the patio in the gorgeous morning sun
Shining through transparent colors of a Hot Air Balloon above the rooftops
A bird ballet in the soft breeze
Accompanied by the tinkling melody that echoes off the waterfall

I would sit here all morning. Alas, I must go to work!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Freak Storm

When I left work yesterday, the Emergency Broadcasting System was bleeping on the radio. The warning was for a fast moving thunder storm and high winds.

Indeed, the sky to the southwest was ominous. This is not unusual when a May day becomes a blistering 91 degrees, and a cold front moves in from the Pacific Coast.

It reminded me of a year ago when I accompanied my cousin on an unscheduled trip to Portland. We encountered one of those storm cells that makes you think you are in Kansas. The horizontal hail and the dirt falling out of the sky was a new experience for us, but we recognized the danger. Traffic pulled over to the side of the road for lack of visibility.

Although we didn't see it on that day , a twister preceded us across Interstate 84 and the Columbia River. The funnel was confirmed by numerous people. It cut a path through a B**se C*sc*de tree farm and a huge apple orchard. Thank Goodness the damage was only in agriculture dollars and not in lives.

Needless to say, I was unusually apprehensive yesterday when I walked to my car and headed home. The skies in the north were clear and full of sunshine. Dark clouds pushed against the Blue Mountains to the immediate south and I could see the curtains of rain streaking the hills.

A swirling mass of dust and debris hit the car about 4 blocks from home.

I arrived home to a street scattered with blossoms, leaves, and small limbs . The power was off. The hubby was in the back yard where he had been rudely interrupted while cleaning the little pond. (Too bad he didn't know what was coming,)

The neighbors directly behind us are remodeling. We share a fence with them and another neighbor who lives in a turn of the century homestead with the beautiful old trees.

The wind blew the flower pots and metal artwork off the farmhouse porch. Then it sheared the top off one of the 100 year old trees and sent it through the roof of the other neighbor's new addition.

After inspecting the mess with the gathering neighborhood gawkers, we barbecued dinner. (No electricity.)

We picked up the mess in the yard the remainder of the evening. (The hubby has to clean the pond a.g.a.i.n!)

The power of such a small storm gave me pause to stop and think about the horrible destruction and wrath of this past weekend in tornado alley. God Bless all those families and comfort them in their great loss.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Fun Monday #16, Your Spring Views

My friend Vicky, Catching Light, is the Host of Fun Monday #16. She is the accidental creator of Fun Monday, with input from Willowtree, down under, at A Dingo Got My Barbie.

Vicky says, "hhhh yes! The day finally has arrived. My noseyness can be satisfied until Summer.Today is the day I can peek through your door and see what you see everyday. It makes us BFF. It almost shows my stalker personality. It satisfies my sweet tooth. Makes me feel all cozy and warm inside when I get to peek into your world.'

So, here you are, dear Vicky, and all my other guests. E.N.J.O.Y

****Front Door West

Front Door North******

And this little guy greets you at the front door. The birds claimed it as bird bath; note, it is next to the feeders. We had some fantastic rain storms this spring, so I moved the feeders under the eaves to keep them dry.

****Front Door South (note, it's garbage morning)

Back Door East *****

Make sure to visit Vicky and find out who else is participating.

Happy Monday everyone.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Gone Fishin'

Just for a few days.

Make sure you check out The Blogging Chicks Carnival Sunday. It is a Mother's Day special hosted by Girls Can't What?

Then on Fun Monday, Vicky at Catching Light revisits the View From Your Front Door, the spring version.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Heart Talks

I was too tired to go into the store on our way home Sunday evening.

“I’ll just sit in the car and rest,” I sighed and let the hubby run in to pick up a few last minute things needed for the workweek.

Moments later an older model car that had seen better days rolled in to a nearby parking spot. There was an empty space between our vehicles allowing me total observation. So, I did what I do best. I watched.

The driver got out and went directly to the trunk. The passenger hopped out on his side – he looked to be about eleven.

“Mama,” he said, “do you need my help?”

She opened the trunk, pulled out a baby stroller, and began the process of unfolding it.

“No, I’ve got it,” she replied and inclined her head briefly towards the back seat.

Acknowledging her gesture, he opened the back door. From there he reached in and carefully unbuckled the restraints on an infant car seat and lifted out a little bundle in pink.

“Hi sweet baby,” he whispered just loud enough for the words to drift through my open window.

She was six or seven months old. He held her very carefully and patted her gently on the back while he scanned the back seat for something.

“Aww, there it is!” he playfully intoned and then kissed her briefly on the cheek. I felt a smile creeping up to my droopy eyes at his unabashed display of affection.

Next, he pulled a soft blanket out of the car.

By this time, the mother had positioned the stroller and was placing a few things into the large pocket behind the seat.

The boy painstakingly sat the baby into the carriage and clasped the buckle.

After gently tucking the pink blanket in around her, he added, “There you go Angel.”

Once the task was complete, his mom pivoted the stroller and began pushing it towards the crosswalk.

“Mama,” he called after her, “Did you want to lock the car?”

“Yes,” she nodded her head and continued on her way.

He hurried to the passenger door and opened it. I heard the lock click.

“Espera!” he called and skipped happily after her.

Now I will tell you the rest of the story.

I eavesdropped on an entire conversation in Spanish and recognized only that last word. (No hablo español.) However, as I watched this little boy showing respect for his mother and devotion to his little sister, I didn’t need an interpreter.

His actions touched me, and my heart understood.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April's Perfect Post

The Original Perfect Post Awards – April 2007

I know he won't be particularly pleased with the attention, but I have nominated Peter (Willowtree, Once Upon a Blog) at A Dingo Got My Barbie as my choice for April's Perfect Post. Please click on Devastated, where he explores in verse the mercurial affections of Beep , his new calico cat.

If you aren't a cat lover, read it anyway to appreciate Peter's self-deprecatory wit. And, as Peter says, It won't "kill ya to comment." Enjoy.


Lindsay @
www.suburbanturmoil.blogspot.com and MommaK @ www.petroville.com host the Perfect Post Awards every month. There isn't a prize. It is just an opportunity to share someone's post that made you cry, touched your heart, had you laughing out loud or made you believe in magic again. (Read all the past awards in their very own library .)