Eyedol (aka Idol) Thoughts

The Saturday before Memorial Day I woke up early with right eye discomfort and I knew there was a stye forming.

In the seven decades that I've been alive, I've experienced three styes.   So, I knew what it was.  I was so damn mad because cataract surgery was scheduled for Tuesday on THAT eye.

Long story short.  Surgery went forward, but it was switched to the left eye.  And.....the second eye surgery date was indefinitely postponed.

The clarity and brightness in my left eye is amazing.  Sometimes I sit while opening and closing my eyes alternately just for the show.  Bright colors, dingy colors, bright colors, dingy colors.  Obviously the last year plus  of shut downs has claimed a toll on my entertainment requirements.  

There is  more.  I can also pretend that I am on a cruise ship suffering from a little sea sickness.  Of course there are no ocean views, buffets, nightclubs, or accommodating staff.  But there is definitely the  woozy swaying from side to side when I walk down the hallway. And I get to sit at the captains table every night.

I actually drove after dusk the other day and had the halo starry lights from the oncoming cars freaking out one side of my brain. Closing that eye shut down the disco, but was replaced by a scene from one of those depth perception illusions. I was driving slanty and the white line was popping up like a picket fence.   But, hey! I made it home safely.

My regular eye doctor had suggested popping out one lens to provide correction for the right eye.  But she forgot that my glasses have the temple pieces attached right to the lens., and to the bridge.  Not going to happen.

 My follow up appointment with her was today.  My stye has healed, so I get to go see the surgeon again in two weeks, and then set up another surgery date.

I should be cross eyed by then.



It is so frustrating when one is done and the other isn't. I took my lens out too...do you have an old pair of glasses someplace:)

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