Kickin' Dirt

I took two spills in the snow which was deep and long lasting. Over a month!.  The first tumble was when I fell in the deep snow wearing my husband boots. I was out there before dawn to scatter shredded apple in the back yard for the over one hundred hungry robins that were showing up with the sun.  Plus quite a few other birds as well.    The 2nd time was a foot slipping out from beneath me while making a short trip across the asphalt.  That one hurt .. and twisted my ankle.  The x-rays at the walk in clinic (joke, as I didn't really walk in) showed that all the hardware from a previous break was intact and no broken bones.  Just a sprain which kept me off my feet for a week.

But now I'm kickin' dirt.

The snow is gone everywhere except in shady areas behind fences and houses and where the trees cover the walking path.

This is Chance, one of my grand dogs on our walk today.  He was a rescue while yet quite young.  He has never quite gotten over whatever happened to him because he doesn't want to be alone.  So Grandma (me) will take him for a walk on the occasional days when everyone in his family is either in school or working.   I also walk him on other days with his buddy Mugsy.

When we entered the area in the trees with the snow I recognized the need to find my way carefully so as NOT to take another spill.  There was at least 50 feet of shady area with both packed snow and some loose snow.  Chance was off his leash so I dedicated all my awareness to my feet.  After crossing the snow I realized that Chance was no longer in view.  I looked behind me and then turned and looked in front of me.  I called his name and listened for the underbrush in the trees to respond with his rustling through them.   

My heart started pounding a bit as he had never run away in all the walks we've shared.  A bit of panic popped into my throat because, if I lost their dog, my grand kids would not be forgiving.  Where could he be.

"WHERE ARE YOU CHANCE?" I started to choke up when I felt a little nudge.  That dog was behind me.  Every turn I made to look for him, he just turned with me and stayed behind my legs.  By this time I'm sure he was bewildered -- as he was cocking his head and ears in an odd fashion. 

So we continued kickin' dirt and sniffing it and enjoyed the rest of our walk.

Spring is here.


Coffeypot said…
Maybe you need a walker when traipsing through the snow and ice.
One of our Grand dogs does the same thing... Glad you are recouperating...falls at an older age can be in Nursing Home bad.

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