Chatty Cat

We got elGee twelve years ago...... just temporarily.  She has been a timid cat that loves the two of us, but still runs and hides under the bed when visitors arrive.

Her age hasn't been officially calculated, but everyone thinks she is fourteen.  Age can cause problems and she is currently fed carefully because of some kidney issues.  

Another problem that may be part of her aging process is that she has become sort of chatty.  Lately when she attempts to meow to get our attention there seems be a crack in her voice or a lowering resonance that causes her to quite literally say, "hello!"   This happens every day. 

Then last week she began to say "I love you." 

We've gotten a lot of giggles and of course reply, "hello, I love you, too!"

Today she said "Grandpa."

She stopped right at the office door, sat down and looked at my husband and clear as a bell she said it.

"Did you hear what I heard?"  I asked him.

"Sounded like 'grandpa' to me!"  was his response.

I will keep you posted on her vocabulary growth.   But, if she says, "Hello Grandpa, I love you," you'll see it on one of the morning shows. 


Furry friends give so much joy. Hope to see you on tv. Aloha

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