Favorite Sounds

Rain pattering on the sky window,

The muffled quiet of falling snow.

Crickets and frogs in the cool of a fading fall evening.

Thunder in the distance.

The wind mourning a path around the eaves of the house while our wood fire snaps and crackles.

 A song sparrow announcing the rising sun of the early summer day break.

Owls calling to each other through the trees.

The stuttered purr of a contented cat.

A haunting train whistle in the valley while I snuggle beneath the blankets.

A red-winged blackbird, from his perch on a cattail, announcing his territory during mating season. 

Children giggling with pure delight,

The laughter of a stream tickling the rocks! 

The constant farewell of the ocean as it waves goodbye to the deep.

...............What are your favorite sounds?


The ocean and the waves, the robins of spring neither of which we have right now in Minnesota. I enjoy hearing the Loons call down on the lake...but not motorboats or jet skis:)
Jill said…
Spring frogs, owls at night, the stairs as we descend from putting the kids to bed, excited giggles as snow falls, the leaves rippling in the summer breeze that lifts oppressive heat, thunder from far away...
Intense Guy said…
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Intense Guy said…
One of my favorites is the quiet smile being put on my face when a beautiful blog post goes up from someone I think is so very nice

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