Conversations ... with Greats, Grands, and even myself

In chronological reverse order with most recent starting today!

3 1/2 year-old Squeaker
Squeaker:  Mom, will you  hand me the remote?
Mom: It's sitting right next to you on the couch.
Squeaker, following hysterical laughter:  Mama!  I tricked myself.

Great Auntie Fern, who will be 107 in April.
The past year she is often lost in time. Occasionally her true self and humor will pop out when you least expect it.
Yesterday at her medical check-up the Doctor determined that one ear needed to be flushed of  the excess wax build up. She had had some moments of clarity but was mostly unable to hear what was being said and was generally confused about where she was and what was happening..
As though waking suddenly, she turned and looked at the Doctor with her one eye and chortled, "Oh MY!" .
Fern gestured at the little bucket the nurse held under her ear and exclaimed with delight, 
 " Looks like soup for supper"
Fern then lead the laughter ................

8-year old Dinkum:

Last Monday I picked up Dinkum from school along with his 10 year old brother Zbub.  Mizelle was home with mom and a stomach bug. 
We came around the corner and a car was stopped allowing an elderly man to exit and pile his sacks of groceries on the grassy strip next to the sidewalk, which still has some compact ice on it.
Grandma: Awww... they should have helped him carry in his groceries
Dinkum: Let's do it
Grandma stops car and boys hop out. The man has already taken a couple sacks and disappeared behind an open gate. The boys grab the remaining sacks and run them back there. It takes quite a while for the boys to come back. When they finally returned I found out that the old man forgot his keys and they were trying to help him.
Each boy had received from him a fresh banana.
Now they had both had already in the car an asian pear and a nutbar as a snack. So I reminded them that doing a good deed can also include just saying you're welcome and no thank you .
Zbub: Well, I would have, but, I didn't understand what he was saying. He had an accent. I think it was British.
Dinkum picks up the banana and eyes it suspiciously: This better not be a British Banana

Almost 19 year old red-headed girl just before Christmas:

She's works as a hostess at a diner. She told us a story about a man who passed out and then refused to go in the ambulance.

Red-headed girl:  "He was really old.  He was probably in his sixties"

Grandma;s one eyebrow raises and she thinks to herself ... hmmmm... coal in HER stocking!

11-year old Curlymop

Just before Christmas during a breakfast conversation.

Grandpa: I yam what I yam. Heh heh... you know who said that.
Daughter: Oh yeah... that old cartoon character
Grandpa: Popeye
Curlymop: Was he that guy that ate parsley?

10-year old Zbub

Grandpa, Grandma, 10 year old Zbub, 8 year old Dinkum, and 6 year old Mizele go to see The Good Dinosaur in 3-D.
Two thirds of the way through the movie:
Dinkum: I can't see anything. Everything is blurry.
Z-bub: Hummm... (reaches over, grabs the 3-D glasses off Dinkum and wipes off the lens) Silly! You were all fogged up!

3 1/2 year old Squeaker 

Mom: You want some breakfast? 
Squeaker: Yes, please. 
Mom: Can I take your picture first? 
Squeaker: SURE! But you have to give it to Gwamma.

3 1/2 year old Squeaker  

Squeakers has asthma and sometimes it gets pretty scary.
At the most recent visit the Doctor was quite concerned at how quickly little Squeakers symptoms had increased.  He left the room to go after the nurse and additional treatment.

Squeakers:  Who is that?  Dr Doom?

After that same visit and they were released to go home he had this to say

Squeakers:  Mama, I have boogers. But I don't have the "boo." I just have the "gers," because the boo is gwoss.".


Pamela:   Oh Hon!  Great News!  The sauerkraut label says there are only 220m of sodium per serving!

Hon:  Really?  That is hard to believe.

A few moments go by as I continue to read the label 

"  well scratch that hon, a serving size is a whopping 2 Tablespoons."


Good things to share and remember...cause they are getting older every year:)
Intense Guy said…
The "not so little ones anymore" always good for a good chuckle and a laff!


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