Fun Monday Fur Babies

This is the furbaby that rolled in the dust until she was brown instead of black and white.
************Then cleaned it all off on my bed.


Sayre said…
A very handsome furbaby! Sorry about the mess...
Nancy said…
Oh yeah, fur babies have special privileges!
I guess she is the boss:)
Intense Guy said…
Did she need a wee bit of Lemon Pledge to help pick up the dust?
Wendster said…
Fur babies ... gotta love 'em!

All is well here! xooxoxoxoxxo Hugs!
Dawn said…
Our Eloise use to do the same thing. Sadly she went missing in July. Our big dog Nika will also go out on the sandy driveway and do the same thing, but not on the bed; she just shakes in the porch.

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