Out My Front Door - Fun Monday

It is spring!  Although the morning is overcast and somewhat cool, the growing grass, blossoming flowers, and emerging leaves confirm the season.  They declare their purpose no matter how the rest of us feel.

The bird feeders are right next to the lamp.  The water feature that is in the little entry way is a major bird attraction.  We heat it during the frozen winter days - for our thirsty winged friends.

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ChrisB said…
Pamela I love spring with everything waking up after the long winter sleep! I love your 'hot spring' for the birds :)
A hot tub for the birds....love it.
Molly said…
Ah Fun Monday, brings back good memories. I will have to see if I can photograph something for a post.
Intense Guy said…
It is soooooo nice to see GREEN trees and lawns!!!!
Nancy said…
Spring green is probably three weeks away in my area.

I love the water feature. It must be calming to hear and see it.
Nice view! Very suburban:)
Wendster said…
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

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