Continuing Conversations With Grands

A few weeks ago 6+ year old Dinkum came home from school and handed me this photo.

"I drew space for you grandma!"

Grandma:  Can you tell me what everything is?
Dinkum:  It's the planets.
The one that is frowning is Pluto.  He's mad because he's the smallest!


Some recent 4+ year old Mizelle conversations:

One day I walked out to the garage by myself and picked up a sack which fell apart.  Two Butternut squash fell to  the floor which startled me.  I think I yelled "OH NO." 
When I got back into the house  Mizelle was looking at the door.
Mizelle: Gwamma... who did you say 'hi' to?
Gwamma: No one. I was talking to myself.
Mizelle: Can I say hello?


Mizelle: Gwamma.... Gwamma... sumptins wong with my foot." 
Gwamma: Does it hurt?
Mizelle: NO... it won't let me put my sock on!


I had to run some errands and I had my "list" in the front seat. When Mizelle and I hopped out of the car the wind was blowing and I quickly nabbed my list before it blew away. 
Mizelle: Can I read that? (she doesn't read)
Gwamma: No... this is my list and I'm hanging on to it.
Mizelle: Can I carry it?
Gwamma: Not today. I don't want to lose it.
Mizelle: Gwamma. I'm NOT a loser.


Mizelle: Gwamma, have you ever seen a midget.
Gwamma: A few
Mizelle: Where ?
Gwamma: I saw one when I was a teenager.
Mizelle: I saw you when you were a teenager.
Gwamma sighs: Uh....  you weren't born yet.
Mizelle: I saw you... cuz I peaked. Hey.... look at the moon, it is little, too.
Gwamma:  Oh yea... it looks little but it really isn't.
Mizelle: It has smoke on it.
Gwamma:  That is a misty cloud.
Mizelle: It's a broken cloud......... I think a midget broke it.


A chilly afternoon we went to the park and took two of the neighbor children.  Mizelle and Brookie spent most of the time there on this swing.  After a while the boys joined them.  I pulled out my cell phone to take this quick snap.

Things were getting quite rowdy when 6+ year old Brookie  (with the faux fur collar and knit cap) called out:

If you are gonna throw up, turn your face the other way.


I love kids, you just never know what they are going to say! You are really going to treasure these little things you jotted down in a few years. Of course, we get to really enjoy them now. Win-win!
Nancy said…
This is a priceless post!

Brooke gave some great advice that can be applied to any situation.

Thanks for starting my day with a smile.
Intense Guy said…
I always love hearing the things your grands say!!

...and poor Pluto... he's not even a "planet" anymore... he's officially a "dwarf planet".
Yes turn you head the other way to throw up! Great advice. Your Grands are going to love these stories someday:)
Wendster said…
Lol! I'm not a loser! Can I say hello too? ha ha ha ha ha!!! Kids really are funny. And they give good advice, too. snerf! ha ha ha

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