I'm Not The Terminator

But, I'm back. I think.

In fact today it is Mother's Day and I was thinking about my mom.  She would make gingerbread as a special treat and then take the thick cream from our old Guernsey cow and whip it into ambrosia.  Well, it was to me.  Whipped cream with lots of sugar and real vanilla that she purchased from a traveling salesman, The Raleigh Man.  (I admit for many years I thought he WAS The Rolly Man.  The Rolly Polly Man, because he was quite rotund!  Kids.)

Awww... memories. If you never had fresh hot gingerbread, and cold sweet whipped cream, then you've missed out.

I closed my blog for awhile and I'm just going to refer you to a post from my daughter Karmyn that will answer questions ... if you have any.

ps.  while I was "gone" Blogger changed EVERYTHING.  I'm not even sure I know how to post anymore.  


Sayre said…
Welcome back! I'm still around but haven't posted in quite a while. THings have been a bit crazy, and when I say I'm going to sit down and do this, somehow I just don't. I will. Again. Soon.
foam said…
Well hello! Its good to see you this mother's day. What a nice memory of your mother and fresh whipped cream, which I love, btw. I went to your daughters blog. Now I'm concerned! I hope everything has settled own.
Soozcat said…
Glad to see you're back, and yes, the new Blogger changes are very confusing. :( Then again, it is easier to post pictures now than it used to be, so it's not all bad.

I'm sorry to hear what happened in your family. You'd think the press would have to contact people in order to use their writing/photos.
Kila said…
Happy Mother's Day!

That sounds like a wonderful treat! I haven't had it.

Good to "see" you here again :)
Jan n Jer said…
Hi Pamela...good to hear from you again! Yep I have had warm gingerbread with cream on top...I agree with you...It's to die for!!!!
Sorry to hear about what happened with the press n your daughters blog! In my opinion...the news media uses n abuses our "Freedom of speech" in this country! I am very careful of what I put on my blog n Face book. You never know who is looking n searching. Lots of sick minds out there!
grammy said…
Sounds really yummy!!!
and memories are the best (o:
I hate it when they change things!!!
I will read your daughters post.
Sweet Memories of your Mom! Oh I love Gingerbread too..and with fresh cream what a treat!!
I am glad to see that you are back. Blogger did make some changes but I use Live Writer so not much changed except the dashboard is confusing and how you get there..I am convinced Blogger is run by people that love to irritate us old ladies.
Happy Mother's Day! Of course I am a day late with that wish:)
Jill said…
missed you! didn't really understand what happened or why but hope it's all okay now
Sandy said…
Welcome back!
Faye said…
She's back-k-k! Glad of it and that things have calmed down enough that you feel okay to post again. Like everyone else it's been a long slog since January--too many problems with no good solutions. Blogging and Facebook makes me happy and forget the stress for a bit.

I have had homemade gingerbread but we never whipped cream--saved it to make butter--which was pretty good and pretty when it came out of those wooden butter molds.
Merle said…
Dear Pamela ~~ Thanks for your comment about enjoying Peter's visit. We had a great week and thus week he has fone to see Marcus and Vicki. But he will be back for another stay with me.
Take great care my feiwnd, Love, Merle.
Christy Woolum said…
Welcome back. I don't know exactly what happened, but I am sorry. I switched from blogger because I continued to find problems. Happy Day!
Molly said…
Yay, you are back. I am too after an absence of a year.
mark said…
Glad you're back, and lovely memories! Hot gingerbread and whipped cream sounds amazing.
Intense Guy said…
Mm... now that you mention it... My grandma made an apple crisp that had everyone drooling... and no one, but no one, makes a better pumpkin pie than my mom.

Gattina said…
Welcome back ! nice to hear from you again. I had the same troubles with Blogger when I found everything changed one day. But now I got used to it and it's not so bad, once you know of course ! lol !
Peter said…
Hi Pamela, great to see you back, I'm hoping that means your lives have settled down somewhat.
Judy @ just ask judy had a post about letting people know if you received flowers that weren't up to scratch... and she works for a florist!!!
Sorry to hear your family has had troubles. Back here too after a year of absence.

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