Conversations -- just in the last 30 days.

I've never worked harder for less money. But here are some of the paychecks I've received just in the last month.


6 1/2 year old Zbub: Grandma I want to go outside and build a snowman.
Grandma:  There really isn't enough snow, sweety.

But he convinced me -- grabbed his coat, boots, mittens, and shortly arrives back at the door with an I told you so smile.

Dinkum:  Gramma!  Mizelle said the "S" Word.
Gramma raises her eyebrows:   Hmmm.. she did, huh?  I guess you better tell me what she said.
Dinkum:  She said POO POO!

Grandma:  It's snack time ... how about some Tillamook rasberry yogurt.
Z-bub who just got off the bus from school:  Hey Dinkum, we're having Til-a monkey yogurt for a snack.  Yeaaaah!


My daughter Amanda to 7 year old Curlymop:   I love you muchos.
Curlymop:  I love you more than all the muchos.
Amanda:  Really?  How much is that?
Curlymop:  That means I love you more than confinity!


4 1/2 year old Dinkum:  Mizelle, you're just a baby.
2 1/2 year old Mizelle:  I not baby!
Dinkum:  Yes you are.
Mizelle:  No!  I princess! 


Dinkum:  Whats on the wamp?
Gradma: The wamp?
Dinkum:  What's a wamp?
Grandma:  What?  You asked me what was on the wamp.
Dinkum:  No.  I didn't say wamp.  I said WAMP!

(Then Grandma realizes he is looking at the Hawaiin Lei from our 30th wedding anniversary that I have sitting on the top of my wamp... I mean lamp.)


I read a bedtime story to Mizelle, Dinkum, Zbub, and Evaline who is 9.  We ended with a prayer:

Grandma praying:  Thank you for keeping Evalina and My Red-headed Girl safe as they fly to California tomorrow.
Dinkum's incredulous whisper can be heard as he leans in close to Evalina:  Can you willly fly?


Grandpa putting together a Christmas gift: This just isn't working.  It isn't fitting together right.
Curlymop:  Did you read the destructions?


Grandma dials Karmyn's number.

 8-year old Buttercup answers:  Hello
Grandma:  Oh!  Hi Buttercup!
Buttercup:  Hi Grandma.
Grandma:  I hear you went to a yummy Christmas Brunch today.
Buttercup:  Yep.
Grandma:  What did you have good to eat?
Buttercup: Chips

I heard Mizelle saying "Hello, Hello, Hello!" So I peaked around the corner and saw her with my miniature hair dryer from my watercolor supply case that I forgot to put away!

cell phone shot done discreetly as possible


There are priceless moments with Great Auntie Fern who will be 103 in April.  Unfortunately she is having her struggles.  Sometimes I can't help but giggle.

Yesterday I stopped by to fill her weekly medicine.  While I counted out for each day I noticed that she kept pushing the buttons on her chair control.  She went up. She went down. She went up. She went down.  She was still doing this when I finished.

"Auntie Fern," I asked, "would you like me to help you adjust your chair?"

"No thank you," she responded.  Then she pointed her chair controller at the television and pushed the up button with determination.

In a slightly irritated tone she complained, "I just can't get this darn TV to turn off!"


Intense Guy said…
Oh my! Those little ones (and the older one) must keep you in stitches all the time and in the state of half-confused some of the time!


Did you take pity and shut off the TV?
Nezzy said…
Oh Great Auntie Fern sounds like a doll!

Your little grands are just a riot. Bet there's never a dull moment 'round your place either! Heeeheheh!

Have a fantastically blessed day sweetie!!! :o)
Oh this is the best post..lots of good smile making memories here Pamela..Wamp..gotta love it! Grands are just the best thing:)
kitten said…
Your life sounds as busy as mine, but wouldn't trade my great nieces and nephews for nothing in the world. I may be a grand maw. I will find out no later than Friday. Then I will get the joy of being grand maw. I sure have missed you, glad you are still hanging in there.
mark said…
There are some classics in there! I always read the destructions first.
Jan n Jer said…
You need to start a book to record these priceless moments! I'll take them over any fancy trip!
God Love Auntie Fern...I have to admit...I have pointed the phone to change the tv channels! Senior moments come to me more often lately! LOL
Steve Skinner said…
Love the snowman and Zbub's spirit.
JoeinVegas said…
Just wish the bank would take paychecks like those.
kailani said…
Now that's a snowman I can handle! It's so cute!
grammy said…
Oh my goodness...
this had me laughing. Aunt Fern must be a kick (o:and all the little ones saying the cutest things.
Can you really fly... be still my heart.
My husband always reads the instructions.. I am afraid it is me that reads the destructions...or so it would seem.
Peter said…
Just luv em all Pamela!!!
Merle said…
Dear Pamela ~~What wonderful memories to keep forever - keep writing them down so you don't forget any of them.
The last one was a bit sad.
Thank you so much for your comments on Peter's updates
about my health. I am home now after over 6 weeks in hospital, very weak at first, but getting stronger.
Thanks again for your good wishes etc. Love, Merle.
Nezzy said…
Hey darlin' I was just thinkin' about ya and wanted to wish ya a blessed and beautiful week!!!
Ms. Kathleen said…
This was so cute. I love it when my two grandangels come to stay with me... The time is priceless. I need to do what you're doing a write some of the memories down. Love that about your aunt. Adorable!
Gattina said…
That was really a very funny and refreshing post ! Did I laugh with what your grandchildren said ! Reality is much more fun than stupid jokes !!
and aunt Fernie is not bad either, hahaha !
My 14 month old grandson walks since 2 months holding something in his hands, now he discovered that he can also walk without anything. My son sent me a video to show me the "historical" event !
We communicate via Skype I bought 2 puppets, a lion and a pig which I pull over my hand and let them talk. That's more interesting than Grandma's face, at least he laughs !
Amanda said…
Hahahaha - love the mental image I have of Auntie Fern :)

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